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  Babacan Yapi, a division of Babacan Holding, has been offering services to all of its stakeholders and the general public since 2002 on the principles of sustainability and trust. It does so with the help of its quality-driven, distinctive, innovative, and integrated building solutions that set it apart from competitors' business models.   Since 2002,It has built more than 4,000 branded residences, providing its investors with opulent living quarters.   The goal of The company is to construct structures that "Increase Value" in the housing developments it creates.   The residential, retail, office, and street shop projects by Babacan Yapi, which are situated along Istanbul's main thoroughfares, increase in value over time and are well-liked by their investors. One of their main sources of motivation for working on new projects is the satisfaction of the people. In addıtıon to the peace and confidence they feel, as well as increasing the worth of our projects.   Shortly, IT will continue to create concept homes and businesses in Turkey and abroad.  This to attract investors and inspire confidence in its residents.


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