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10 Best Restaurants In Istanbul Turkey

Turkish food which is popular around the world is something you would try when you visit Istanbul. Istanbul which is one of the most populated cities in the world has thousands of restaurants and a variety of different cuisines from around the globe. However, there are some Turkish restaurants that have gained fame and established themselves among the best restaurants in Istanbul.

Nusr-Et Restaurant

nusret restaurant best restaurants in istanbul delicious food at fancy restaurant

If you are using social media, then you might have come across a video of this chef who is sprinkling salt on a steak. This is the Turkish chef Nusret or “Salt Bae”. If you are a foodie and love eating meat then probably Nusr-Et Restaurant is a good choice for you. Nusret has a Restaurants chain that includes many restaurants in at least 8 countries but he started in 2010 with his restaurant in Istanbul which is the biggest and most popular one. The restaurant is well-known for its steak dishes.

Nusret Gökçe used to work as a waiter in many Turkish restaurants before he gets some training, Thanks to his slicing meat skills, he got a job in a restaurant in Miami, USA before he got promoted. He was not popular at all until when posted a video on his Youtube channel about how to cut kebabs and spice ribs which went viral and he got fame. Many football stars and celebrities are regular guests of Nusr-Et Restaurants nowadays. The chef has almost 4 million Instagram followers now that are enjoying his videos and photos.

Burak Restaurant

chef burak restaurant istanbul best restaurants and delicious food

Unlike chef Nusret who is always pretending to be serious, chef Burak is always showing a smiley face. Chef Burak became popular thanks to the videos he posted on Instagram that went viral. In addition to Turkish food, chef Burak restaurants also cook other middle eastern and Mediterranean dishes such as Syrian and Lebanese cuisine. He is also known for cooking large amounts of food. Chef Burak retaurant has different branches in differnet districts of Istanbul such as Aksaray (Hatay Medeniyetler Sofrasi Aksaray) and Taksim (Hatay Medeniyetler Sofrasi Taksim). In addition, there are many branches of restaurants in different countries and cities around the world such as Dubai. The main dishes on their menu are Kebab and middle eastern cuisine.

Gunaydin Restaurant

gunaydin restaurants istanbul best restaurants and delicious dishes

Another steakhouse and one of the best restaurants not only in Istanbul but also in Turkey is Günaydın Restaurant. It initially started as a small butcher’s shop in Bostancı Istanbul then became one of the top restaurants that serve steak in Turkey today. Günaydın Restaurant has now more than 40 branches in Turkey. The restaurant provides its guests 3 different concepts, the Meatball & Döner, the Kebab, and the Butcher & Steakhouse concepts aiming to ensure that guests are provided a wide range of meat selections. In Istanbul, They have branches in Kadikoy,Florya, Uskudar, Bakirkoy, Basaksehr, and other areas. In addition, they have branches outside Turkey such as their branch in Dubai.

Hamdi Restaurant

hamdi restaurant istanbul best restaurants in istanbul turkey for urfa kebab

Started as a food street vendor, Hamdi Arpacı who came from Urfa and opened his first food stand at a parking lot located next to Eminonu. He offered delicious kebab to the public and became popular for his Urfa Kebab. The increase in his popularity made him establishes the Hamdi Meat restaurant on the corner of the same parking lot. Chef Hamdi has successfully brought the unique taste of the Southeastern Cuisine to the heart of Istanbul. Now, The chef has branches of his restaurants in different areas in Istanbul such as Eminönü, Şişli, and Pera.

Etçi Mehmet Steakhouse

Etçi Mehmet Steakhouse istanbul top restaurants for urfa kebab

Etçi Mehmet Steakhouse was established in 2013 by two brothers Mehmet and Mustafa Dağ. Besides steak dishes, the restaurant also serves burgers. The restaurant has 3 branches; in Bakırköy and Florya branches.

Köşebaşı Restaurant

Köşebaşı Restaurant istanbul top restaurants in istanbul 2021 (2)

Köşebaşı Restaurant which has managed to rank among the best 50 restaurants in the world, serves authentic and traditional Turkish food tastes of local dishes from the Adana and Tarsus region. The restaurant has many branches in Turkey and in other countries such as  Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, and Azerbaijan. In 1995, the first branch was established in a villa in Levent which is an elegant neighborhood of Istanbul.

Şazeli Restaurant

Şazeli restaurant florya top restaurants in istanbul turkey 2021

Besides the delicious cuisine and beverage, Şazeli Florya Restaurant has a great location and atmosphere. It is a good place to get away from the chaos of the city. with its unique view and glamorous garden, you can have an awesome gastronomic journey. In addition, they created a new section where you can shop delicatessen and butcher so that you can taste their delicacy at home. The restaurant has different branches in Istanbul, The best one is in Florya.

In Florya which is one of the most elegant districts in Istanbul, the restaurant has VIP halls where you can host different events such as meetings or group meals.

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