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Most 10 Luxurious Projects in Istanbul 2022

The real estate field in Turkey is witnessing exceptional continuous prosperity, which is working on the increase of new real estate projects day after day. This article will highlight the Most 10 Luxurious Projects in Istanbul 2022.

Tema Istanbul 2

This project is considered one of the largest and most recent real estate projects. Tema Istanbul 2 is a Unique Project in the Real Estate Field in Turkey.

The project is an under-construction project; it will be ready for delivery by 2023. Moreover, the project is being built over a massive size of land, which is equal to 1,500,000 square meters. Whether you have a small, medium, or large family, Tema Istanbul 2 has a suitable option for you. The types of apartments available in the project are 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, and 4+1, with a total of 2,280 Residential Units.

The project was not limited to providing apartments only. To satisfy all tastes and requirements, the project will provide 70 villas in addition to the residential units. Tema Istanbul 2 properties offer the eligibility to obtain Turkish Citizenship.

Mansion Basaksehir

mansion başakşehir

Mansion Basaksehir is an under-construction project that was launched by Mutlu Insaat for Constructions. The project is planned to be ready for delivery by June 2024.

Moreover, the Mansion Basaksehir project will offer 2+1, 3+1, and 4+1 apartment options; every apartment will have its parking and storehouse. In addition, the project will include (6) building blocks, and each block will consist of 4 floors. This project is family oriented; however, If you are looking for Real Estate Investment in Istanbul, then we advise you to consider the Mansion Basaksehir project.

Further, the Turkish Bath, Sauna, and Fitness Center will be available within the project. Men and women will have separate facilities for more privacy and comfort. Also, there will be a 24/7 security system, in addition to camera security.

Rams Garden

Rams Garden Projects in Istanbul 2022

Rams Garden is an under-construction project that was launched by Rams Group. The project is planned to be ready for delivery by December 2023. Additionally, the project was built on an area of ​​74,500 square meters. Moreover, the Rams Garden project will offer 2+1, 3+1, 4+1, and 5+1 apartment options. In addition, the project will offer a total of 796 residential units.

Furthermore, the project offers social facilities and services to spend quality time with your family. After a long and hard day, you may relax with your family in a peaceful environment. Additionally, a 24/7 security system, in addition to camera security will be in service. Also, an outdoor swimming pool, Kids Play Ground, Basketball Court, and Parking Garage will be available.

Due to the project’s strategic location in Bahcelievler, in the heart of the city center, and being very close to various transportation methods, it’s an excellent choice for investors who are looking for real estate investment in Istanbul.

Referans Beylikduzu

Referans Beylikduzu

A little while ago, KILER GYO for Constructions announced its new project Referans Beylikduzu. It is an under-construction project that will be located in the Yakuplu neighborhood, one of the most prestigious areas in the Beylikduzu district. It will be built on a land area equal to 31,309 square meters. Moreover, it will consist of 4 Blocks that will contain 868 residential units and 28 commercial units divided over these 4 Blocks.

Referans Beylikduzu’s prime location makes it easy for residents to move to and from the area. That’s because of its proximity to the D-100 road and the TEM highway. Also, the project is near the Metrobus line, which is the most famous means of transportation in Istanbul, as it operates around the clock and connects the European and Asian sides of Istanbul. Further, many bus stations are available to connect the area with other areas of Istanbul.

5.Levent Korupark

5.Levent Korupark

5. Levent Korupark is the second phase of 5.Levent. Moreover, the project is being constructed by Torunlar REIC. The project will be ready by the end of 2024. Additionally, the project is being built over 43,000 square meters divided into (7) building blocks with 744 residential units. Also, 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, and 4+1 unit options will be available to choose from. Apartment spaces range from 50 square meters up to 200 square meters. Furthermore, this project offers the opportunity to obtain Turkish Citizenship.

Various Facilities will be available because of the project’s location in the middle of the city within Eyupsultan. The project is near to:

  • Nef Stadium.
  • Istanbul New Airport.
  • Halic University
  • Istanbul Atlas University.
  •  Axis Shopping Mall.
  • VadiIstanbul Shopping Mall.
  • Eyupsultan Vatan Anatolian High School.

In addition, 5. Levent Korupark’s residents will be able to reach many transportation methods such as Metro, Metrobus, Teleferik, Tramway, and buses.

Mesa Cengelkoy Bosphorus

Mesa Cengelkoy Bosphorus

Mesa Cengelkoy Bosphorus was built by Mesa Mesken Sanayii construction company on a land area equal to 10,493 square meters. Additionally, the project will offer 54 residential units divided over (4) horizontal blocks; each block will consist of four floors. Moreover, apartment options are 4+1, 5+1, 6+1, and 6+2; the Duplex units are available. In addition, the Mesa Cengelkoy Bosphorus project provides the opportunity to acquire Turkish citizenship.

The project is eager to afford a variety of amenities and entertainment options for homeowners of all ages. Many activities can be done without leaving the house. Indoor swimming pools, sports areas, parking areas, children’s playground, security, and camera security will be available.

In addition, the project is nearby many transportation modes like Metro stations, seaport stations, Metrobus stations, and Bus stations. 

  • (12) minutes to reach Kisikli Metro station. 
  • (10) minutes to reach Umraniye Metro station. 
  • (15) minutes to reach Altunizade Metrobus station. 
  • (10) minutes to reach Beylerbey ferry terminal (seaport station). 
  • (20) minutes to reach the Uskudar ferry station. 
  • (20) minutes to reach Uskudar station (Marmaray Metro Line).

Has Delta Bahcelievler

Has Delta Bahçelievler projects in Istanbul 2022

Live the life you wish and create lovely memories with your family in Has Delta Bahcelievler. Has Delta Bahcelievler project offers apartments for sale within a prime location near the Marmara Sea.

Has Delta Bahcelievler project was launched by Delta Investment Holdings company using the latest technology and finest material. Further, the project is being built over 12.624 square meters of land area, consisting of 4 blocks with 120 flats, 50 street stores, and a 5-star hotel. Additionally, the available apartment options are 2+1, 3+1, 6+1, and 8+1, with apartment spaces ranging from 150.05 square meters to 487.70 square meters. Also, there are (2) types of apartments; the first is a room with a balcony and toilets, and the other option is an apartment with (2) balconies and a terrace.

Furthermore, available residential features are a Built-in Kitchen, Steel Door, Smart Home Systems, Generator, Dishwasher, Shower Cabin, Balcony, and a Terrace.


Akzirve Topkapi 29

Akzirve Topkapi 29

Make memories with your family members with Akzirve Topkapi 29. The Project offers extraordinary apartments in Zeytinburnu in the middle of the city. It’s one of the most prestigious projects in Istanbul 2022.

The Project was built by Zirveler Construction Company. It is a subsidiary of Akzirve international company that builds its high-quality construction projects with the latest green building technology.

Akzirve Topkapi 29 is built over 150,000 square meters. It consists of 16 blocks and provides 1441 residential units, offices, and shops. Moreover, it has 1+1, 1+2, 1+3, and 1+4 unit options; their spaces range from 62-312 square meters, and each unit has a balcony, garden, or terrace garden.

Furthermore, the project is 50 meters from the E-5 road. It’s one of the main Highways in Istanbul. Further, it’s 250 meters far from Merter Metrobus Station. The Metrobus is considered the most important way of transportation in Istanbul as it works 24/7 and connects the European and Anatolian sides. Also, it’s 150 meters away from Merter Metro station. Moreover, it’s 1.9 Km from Kazılçeşme Marmary station. Last but not least, it’s only 300 meters far from Merkez Efendi Tramway station.

Ozak Gokturk

The Ozak Gokturk project was launched by the Ozak Global holdings. Moreover, the project is being built on a land area equal to 22,000 square meters. In addition, the residential complex has (4) building blocks; 3 Blocks will consist of (4) floors and (1) block with (3) floors. Further, the project is offering (157) apartments with 2+1, 3+1, 3.5+1, 4+1, 4.5+1, and 5.5+1 unit types. In addition, the unit spaces start from 100 square meters to 443.91 square meters. Additionally, Some apartments within the project offer the opportunity to get Turkish Citizenship.

Moreover, because of the district’s prime location, the project is close to many transportation methods and main roads. The project is near:

  • D020 Highway. 
  • Alibeykoy Metro Station.
  • In addition to Seyrantepe Metro.

Tual Comfort

Tual Comfort is currently an under-construction project in the Istanbul Ispartakule district. Considering all the facilities and services being provided to its residents, living here is the best choice for people wanting a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle. Materials used in the construction are of good quality and ensure residents’ protection and safety.

Moreover, it’s planned to build the project on a total of 24,000 square meters. In addition to that, Tual Comfort will provide 480 residential and 20 commercial units divided over (6) Blocks.

All the residential units have:

  • White Goods.
  • Ensuite Bathroom.
  • Dressing Room.
  • In addition to a Balcony.