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Yedi Mavi

Kazlıçeşme, Kennedy Cd. 62/1, 34020 Zeytinburnu/İstanbul, Turkey

Yedi Mavi: Luxurious Seaside Apartments for Sale in Istanbul

About the project

Yedi Mavi which means the Seven Seas is a real estate project built in the Zeytinburnu area on the European side of Istanbul. It is one of the most luxurious projects in Istanbul. It is an award-winning project where blue meets green.  Yedi Mavi is built on approximately 63.500 m2 area and it has residential and commercial property for sale.  There is a 130-meters distance between the blocks that consists of 6 residences plus one hotel block. Within its living spaces, it has  51.500 m2 green areas. Deeds are delivered immediately, and the citizenship service is provided free of charge to you. The project is designed in a distinctive way, where the sea intersects with the project. 80% of the apartments have a sea view.

The project is suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship by real estate investment.

 Facilities and Residence services

• Swimming Pools
• Walking Tracks
• Tennis Court
• Football and Basketball Field
• Fitness Center
• SPA, Steam Room
• Turkish Bath
• Sauna and Massage Rooms
• Vitamin Bar
• Indoor Kids Play Land
• 51.500 m2 Green Area

• Airport Transfer Service
• Electric Car Charging Station
• Shopping and Package Carriage Service
• Hourly Driver Service
• Private Courier
• Pet Care and Veterinary Service
• Sports Activity Areas
• Ambulance Service
• 24/7 reception and security services

Social facilities

The project has luxurious facilities such as:

• Panoramic terraces.
• Blue Street that hosts famous brands.
• Blue Tunnel which resets the distance between you and the beach
• Garden duplexes that give the pleasure of the green in the seaside
• Residence services.
• Indoor and outdoor social facility areas that bring you all
• Smart Home Technology
• A first in Turkey: A technology, which is above the world standards,
is only used at Yedi Mavi: With “70-41 Guardian Extra Clear Glass”,
the Panoramic Sea View is clearer now!
• Parking garage and storage area

Types of apartments in Yedi Mavi:

  • 1+1  luxury apartments for sale in Istanbul, areas  70 m2 to  87 m2
  • 2+1  residential flats for sale in Istanbul, areas  118 m2 to 167 m2
  • 3+1  flats for sale in Yedi Mavi Istanbul, areas  143 m2 to  340 m2
  • 4+1  residential apartments for sale in Istanbul, areas  159 m2 to  392 m2
  • 5+1  luxury flats for sale in Istanbul, areas  233 m2 to  346 m2
  • 3+1  garden duplex for sale in Yedi Mavi Istanbul, areas     210 m2  to  264 m2
  • 4+1 garden duplex for sale in Istanbul, areas  282 m2  to  361 m2
  • 8+1 penthouse for sale in Yedi Mavi Istanbul, areas 735 m2
  • commercials property units  for sale in Istanbul, areas 52 m2 to  1307m2

Yedi Mavi Location:

The project is located in the Zeytinburnu area, which is surrounded by the Fatih region in the east, the Bayram Pasha region from the north, the Bakirkoy region from the west, the Esenler region in the northwest, and the Marmara Sea from the south.

Its coastal location and the area's extension between several vital and historic areas, both cause raising its property value.

Zeytinburnu is a vital area for trade and industry within Istanbul. But it has recently turned into a hub for the largest luxury real estate projects with leading brands in the region, as part of the comprehensive development plan and urban renaissance in Istanbul.

Advantages of living and\or buying a property in Zeytinburnu:

  • Zeytinburnu is one of Istanbul's high-end coastal areas that are continuously developing, as it is considered an open-air museum.
  • Zeytinburnu has a number of educational centers, such as universities and high-end schools.
  • There is a sea coast overlooking the historic walls of Istanbul (Constantinople) and seeing from it with the naked eye, not to mention a beautiful pedestrian promenade, and a yachting marina that the Istanbul municipality has started to create recently.
  • Zeytinburnu is close to Bakirkoy Port, which allows you to move by sea to Yelova, Modania, and many ports within Istanbul.
  • The E5 highway which passes in the heart of the area is one of the most important highways in the city.
  • Zeytinburnu is one of the most important vital areas in European Istanbul, and it is an area that combines development and history together.
  •  Green areas, distinctive water pools, and children's games are distributed throughout the municipality of Zeytinburnu and its residential compounds.
  •  Commercially, the region is considered a destination for lovers of shopping, clothing, and leather trade, which raises living standards in this region and attracts new investments to it all the time.
  • The area is close to the recently opened Eurasia Tunnel, which is a tunnel for cars that pass under the Bosphorus and connects Asia with Europe in five minutes.
  •  There are luxurious residential complexes available in the area with a charming Seaview and with smart home systems that allow remote control of the home, and control includes lights, curtains, and more.

Yedi Mavi Project is near:

  • Istanbul new International Airport - 35 min
  • Ataturk International Airport – 10 min
  • Taksim – 25 min
  • Marmaray – 3 min
  • Historical Peninsula and Topkapi Palace – 20 min
  • Aqua Florya Shopping Center – 10 min
  • Eminonu – 20 min
  • Avrasya Tunnel – 5 min
  • Istanbul University – 20 min
  • D-100 Highway – 8 min
  • TEM Highway – 5 min

Yedi Mavi Transportations:

The project is located near the most important means of transportation in Istanbul; the Marmaray metro line which is the longest transportation line in Istanbul. It tarts from the Kucukcekmece district and continues to the end of the Asian side.

Several bus lines of the Istanbul municipality pass directly opposite the project as well as minibusses. It takes about 15 minutes to walk to Atakoy Metro and Sirinevler Metrobus Station on the E-5 Highway which is the most vital route in Istanbul.

Yedi Mavi is about 10-minute away from Bakirkoy Marine which has direct ferries to Kadikoy, Eminonu, and the princess islands. It is also located next to the Bakirkoy metro station.

Bakirkoy Marine has easy access to land and sea transportation systems. The project will be near to a new berth. And there will be offshore shuttles that will provide fast and seamless alternatives to traffic jams in Istanbul. In addition, it is near the Eurasia tunnel that connects the Asian and European sides of Istanbul.

 Average pricesof properties for sale in Yedi Mavi

  • $360,000 to $375000 for  luxurious apartments for sale in Istanbul.
  • $750,000 to $850,000 for residential flats for sale in Istanbul.
  • $660,000 to $1,900,000 for apartments for sale in Yedi Mavi Istanbul.
  • $1,480,000 to $3,400,000 for residential flats for sale in Istanbul.
  •  $1,900,000 to $2,900,000 for luxurious flats for sale in Istanbul.
  •  $1,000,000 to $1,700,000 for garden duplex for sale in Yedi Mavi Istanbul.
  •  $1,500,000 to $2,250,000 for garden duplex for sale in Istanbul.
  •  $635,000 to $2,000,000 for commercials property units  for sale in Istanbul.

Yedi Mavi Developer: 3 of the largest construction companies in Turkey have participated in the construction of the project:

Gul Proje: is one of the largest and well-established companies in Turkey, which has been working for 35 years in the field of construction and real estate.

Over years, they have built various projects; residential apartments, giant shopping centers, and different projects

Some of the construction company’s projects:
  • Vira Istanbul
  • Tem Point
  • Gunesli Park
  • Eyup Park
  • Avcilar Park

Hasan Sever Yapi: Hasan Sever AS was established in 1986 in the construction and contracting sector. It had significant experience in business development activities, including stages such as financing, construction, marketing, and sales in the business model. the company rovides direct and indirect employment to more than 10,000 people, including subcontractors and solution partnerships. It has become one of the leading construction companies in Turkey by cooperating with multinational companies of the world in its successful domestic projects.

Some of the construction company’s projects:

  • Dragos Gaziantep
  • 360 Panorama Gaziantep
  • Şahinbey 1260 Toki Konutları
  •  Kaleli Konutları
  • Lapis AVM
  • VillaModern

Kalkavan Yapi: Kalkavan Yapı is known as a construction company carrying out important projects in Istanbul, the company started its business life for the first time in 1972 with the title Kalkavan Ticaret - Şadan Kalkavan with ship ownership activities and recycling of scrap ships.

In the following years, it continued its ship ownership activities by purchasing and building several ships. Ship ownership activities continue in many of our subsidiaries (partners) and the total capacity of ships in these companies is around 750,000 DWT.

The company has built several projects on the land the bought in Sariyer in 1992, Yiilköy in 1997, and Florya in 2012.

Yedi Mavi Competing Projects:

Buyukyali, Pruva 34, Yali Atakoy, Cer Istanbul, OnAltiDokuz

Property details:

Property ID: IH-06995
Property Type: apartments and shops
Property Status: for sale / for citizenship


  • Billiards
  • Electric Generator
  • Elevator: Freight
  • Football Field
  • Free Beach Shuttle

Property address:

Kazlıçeşme, Kennedy Cd. 62/1, 34020 Zeytinburnu/İstanbul, Turkey

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