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7 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Turkey Property

Turkey has a rapid development, especially in the last decade, which makes it a favorite destination for many investors. Turkey has many investment opportunities in different sections of the Turkish economy. The property sector is considered a very profitable and safe investment field. International house buyers especially Muslims are more likely to invest in turkey property rather than in other countries.

The increasing number of high-quality projects that have real estate for sale in Istanbul and Turkey makes Turkey real estate a more attractive market, especially that Turkish construction companies now have much experience in building high-quality big projects and now they are even competing with international companies. If you think about investing in Turkey property, This article is for you.

7 advantages why you should invest in Turkey property:

Affordable prices

if you make a simple comparison, you will realize that the Prices of properties for sale in Turkey are much cheaper than prices in many other countries, especially in European countries. You can find affordable apartments or houses for sale in Istanbul easily.

Turkey is located between the East and the West And it is visited by millions of tourists, students, and migrants every year. Therefore, there is a high demand for property for sale and property for rent which means more profit.

The accelerated Economic growth and the real major milestones (steps) that Turkey has taken to achieve an economic boom. Turkish economy now ranks.

The new facilitations

The Turkish government has provided many facilitations to encourage investors and businessmen to invest in the sectors of the economy, especially in property. In 2012, a new law was introduced that allowed foreign citizens of 89 countries to buy free-hold property in Istanbul and in Turkey in general who did not have the right to buy property in Turkey before. Now almost all foreign nationals can invest in turkey property.

Obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment

now foreign nationals and their family (children under 18) can get Turkish citizenship by buying property in Istanbul or Turkey worth at least $400,000. Read more information about this on the Turkish citizenship by investment page.

guaranteed profit

There is a continuous increase in the prices of houses and rental costs in Turkey. Therefore, you can be less worried about the return on your investment especially if you invested in the right property. You can contact us for a free consultation about the property for sale in Istanbul.

Easy to lease or resell your property

in Istanbul, there is high demand for renting apartments. Therefore, if you will not live in that property you can rent it easily. You can also resell it later at a good price easily.

Why choose when buying property in Turkey? is a Turkish company with a multilingual team who can speak, English, Arabic, Persian and Turkish. In addition, we have about 10 years of experience in the Turkish real estate market, especially in Istanbul. We provide free consultation and free private tours to the projects’ sites. You can be sure that you will have a good experience with us. Feel free to contact us anytime.