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Time for Turkish Citizenship!

Foreign nationals and their families’ members (dependants) can obtain Turkish citizenship when buying a property that worth 400,000 USD or more (starting from) June 2022, provided that they do not resell that property for 3 years. that’s great. right? here are more advantages that prove this opportunity unique:
1. there are no additional fees for applying for Turkish citizenship (After buying the property) and there is no obligation to live in Turkey.
2. you can receive tax-free net rent of that property within 3 years.
3. There is a possibility of making a profit of at least 70% from the statistical real estate after 3 years.
fun fact: Turkey surpassed New Zealand with a 27% real estate price increase in 2020 and became the first in the world, that is what real estate investors in Turkey are gaining.

Real Estate Sales in Turkey 2023: January to June

Why participating in the acquisition of Turkish citizenship by investment program?

There are various advantages of buying real estate in Istanbul (or Turkey in general) and obtaining citizenship. There are personal benefits, Turkish Economy also has great potential  and the Turkish citizenship acquisition by investment program provides unique advantages, comparing to other similar programs offered by different countries. We start by the comparison:

Spain: The property should be worth at least €500,000 and the waiting time is five years.

Portugal: The property should be worth at least € 500,000 and the waiting time is six years.

Switzerland: The property should be worth at least $1 million and the waiting time is twelve years.

Monaco: The property should be worth at least €500,000 and the waiting time is ten years.

Hungary: The property should be worth at least €200,000 and the waiting time is eight years.

Greece: The property should be worth €250,000 and the waiting time is five years.

Malta: Residential property worth at least €700,000 and must be held for 5 years

Economy-related reasons to participate in obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment program:

  • Turkey is experiencing unprecedented growth in infrastructure projects. it is developing industry, commercial and agricultural sector, exports products, and has a strategic position in the region as it is connecting the East and the West. Therefore, it is attracting foreign investments.
  • Turkey is conducting technological transformation in various aspects in the public and the private sectors.
  • there are international agreements between Turkey and the European Union related to Economic cooperation. In addition, there are negotiations about the chance of Turkey joining the European Union and Schengen area which will have a much more positive outcome on the economy and Turkish citizens will be able to travel to European countries without visa

Personal Benefits of Turkish Citizenship:

Turkey is a country with a population of 83,614,000 people, with a total area of 783,562 square meters, and its origins go back to the Anatolian Seljuks and the Ottoman Empire.
The Turkish army is the second-largest army in NATO and in terms of economy, it has the 18th largest economy in the world.

The main benefits that Turkish citizens get:

  • traveling to about 115 countries without a visa in advance and around 7 countries with online visas. it is also possible to get a Schengen visa and visit 26 European countries. In addition, USA grants Turkish citizens a 10-year multiple entry visa.
  • Free quality education from Kindergarten to University level.
  • Free health care in all health departments including surgery, birth, cancer, chronic diseases, and dentistry.
  • Assistance to citizens in need in Marriage, Accommodation, and employment with consideration of the social state.
  • Opportunity to find jobs at some of the biggest companies in the world. Approximately 85.000 international companies operate in Turkey.
  • Unconditional participation in the Turkish pension system.
  • Turkey is a great country to live in as it is multicultural, full of natural beauty, rich with historical and cultural heritage, in addition, it is very affordable.
our experienced team is ready to assist you in the whole process, please contact us for more inquiries about buying property and acquisition of Turkish citizenship, you are also very welcome to visit any of our offices in Istanbul.

There are countries where you can go visa-free with T.C. passport when you receive Turkish citizenship.

The 77 country’s list includes countries such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Serbia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Japan, Qatar, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Argentina, Brazil, Barbados, and Bahmas.


The owners of the passport (Claret Red passport) are exempt from the visa for a period of 90 days.


The owners of the passport (Bordeaux passport) are exempt from the visa for 30 days.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the countries where the visa-free country is not exceeding 90 days in 180.


Diplomatic, service, green passport (private passport) and public passport (claret Red passport) holders can enter Montenegro without a visa without exceeding 90 day in 180 days.


The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is among the countries that are able to travel without visas.


The Turkish nationals who own a passport (Bordeaux passport) are exempt from visas during their stay for a period of 90 days.


The owners of the passport (Claret Red passport) are exempt from the visa for a period of 90 days. In addition, the last agreement signed with Moldova, even if you do not have a passport to this country, you are able to login with your identity.


In Serbia, the total residence time can be reached without a visa, which is valid from the date of the first entry, without exceeding 90 days in 6 months.


Turkish citizens with a passport (Claret Red passport) can travel without a visa for the duration of their residence for up to 60 days.


The public passport holders are exempt from visas during their travels to the aforementioned country, with no more than 90 days in 180.


Turkish citizens predict that they can enter in every six months for a period not exceeding ninety days from the first entry date or without a visa in transit.


Public passport (Bordeaux passport) holders are exempt from a visa for up to 30

Become a citizen owner in Turkey in five steps!

1) Obtaining tax registration number (required documents: original passport and photos).
2) Opening a Turkish bank account (it is needed for documentation of transactions through the process of buying property in Istanbul ). Required documents: original passport. tax registration number and current address shown by a document such as utility bill.
our experienced team is ready to assist you in the whole process, please contact us for more inquiries about buying property and acquisition of Turkish citizenship, you are also very welcome to visit any of our offices in Istanbul.
3) Finding a suitable property in Istanbul ( worth at least $ 250.000 or equivalent thereof in foreign currency or in Turkish Lira). it can be single or multiple units, built and ready or under construction. it must be suitable for official survey and granted habitation license. Title deed should be ready as well.
4) Buying an apartment or any real estate in Istanbul (using bank transfer as a method of payment, providing transaction receipt). this stage include getting title deed registry and\or a notarized sales contract annotated with “not to be sold for the next 3 years”
5) Obtaining the certificate of conformity from Ministry of Environment and Urbanization after requesting official valuation survey and providing receipt of payment.
6) Application for Turkish citizenship with professional assistance (lawyer). If all documents are complete, you will become a Turkish citizen and get a Turkish passport in about 3-5 months.

Statistics for the year 2018:

“The month of August has made a summit in the sale of housing to foreigners. There was an increase of 129.6% compared to the same month last year.”
“3866 units sold to foreigners in the housing. There are two important reasons for this. The biggest factor in currency. For example, if you are getting a 500 thousand dollars in May for a thousand $125, you can buy today 75 thousand dollars.”
“Housing prices will affect supply and balance demands.”
“Countries such as Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Russia have received housing from Turkey.”
“In Istanbul, 3. The airport and its surroundings, Beylikdüzü, Başakşehir, together with the budget for almost every region shows demand.”
“It is possible to see foreigners in the Anatolian and European side of Istanbul.”
“The Aegean and Mediterranean, Black Sea and Yalova are attracting attention. “
Question 1.) How Can I Become a Turkish Citizen?
Answer: Buying 400,000 USD or more real estate and not selling for at least 3 years
Keeping deposits over 500.000 USD at the bank for 3 years
Work by establishing a company with 50 or more Turkish workers.
Question 2.) Can my family become citizens when I purchase real estate for over 400,000 USD?
Answer: The investor’s wife and children under 18 can be citizens.
Question 3.) How can I become a citizen by buying a residence?
Answer: It is sufficient that the house you buy is over $400,000 and that this has been proven by the expert’s report.
Question 4.) The citizenship process is carried out by whom?
Answer: Citizenship applications are handled only by lawyers. The state does not register for individual applications.
Question 5.) Where is the Turkish Citizenship application made?
Answer: It is made to the general directorates of Population and Citizenship specified in the provinces.
Question 6.) How can I find out if the value of the house I will buy is 400,000 USD and if there are any problems with citizenship?
Answer: The value and all details of real estate are determined by independent expert firms. Relevant real estate appraisal is mandatory.
Question 7.) How long does the citizenship process take?
Answer: It takes between 2-5 months after the document delivery, depending on the density.
Question 8.) Can anyone who applies for citizenship be a Turkish Citizen?
Answer: If you do not have an international record for any crime, you may be yes if you have undergone a security screening.
Question 9 ) Is there a requirement to live in Turkey to become a Turkish citizen?
Answer: No, you can live in any country you want. You can even be a Turkish citizen without ever coming to Turkey.
Question 10 ) Can I stay in Turkey until I become a citizen?
Answer: Yes, you can stay, after the citizenship application is made, the state gives you an investor residence visa for 6 months directly.
Question 11) Can I become a citizen without coming to Turkey?
Answer: You can go to the nearest Turkish consulate and give power of attorney to your real estate agent and your lawyer and carry out the process before coming to Turkey.
Question 12) What advantages can I have if I become a Turkish citizen?
Answer: You can visit our  page about this
Question 13) How can I find real estate suitable for Turkish citizenship.
Answer: About this You can visit our page.
Question 14.) If I invest in real estate to get citizenship, will I make a profit?
Answer: You will definitely make a profit. International Real Estate Consultancy Firm Knight Frank’s survey of 56 countries, Turkey became the first in the world with a 27% increase in housing price.