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The Most Contemporary Istanbul Kucukcekmece Real Estate Projects 2022

The Most Contemporary Istanbul Kucukcekmece Real Estate Projects 2022

Kucukcekmece is on Istanbul’s European side. The location is noted by its direct view of the Sea of Marmara. In addition, it’s famous for its lake, which is known as the Kucukcekmece Lake. Moreover, Kucukcekmece is between the E5 and TEM highways. They are one of the prime roads not only in Istanbul but in Europe as a whole. Additionally, the area is hosting 2 projects that will make a huge shift once they are launched, which are, New Istanbul Canal Project and the Third Istanbul Bridge. The neighborhood has a huge number of new and upcoming residential projects, making it a great place to live and work in. Here are The Most Contemporary Istanbul Kucukcekmece Real Estate Projects for 2022.

Tema Istanbul 2  – Istanbul Kucukcekmece Real Estate Projects

The project is now under development and will be completed by 2023. Tema Istanbul 2 was launched by three of Turkey’s largest construction companies, Artas Insaat, Mesa Mesken Sanayii, and Kantur-Akdas. Furthermore, the project is being developed on a vast plot of land equal to 1,500,000 square meters. Also, Tema Istanbul is in Atakent on Istanbul’s European side. Atakent is well-known for its proximity to several public transit options, as well as the necessary social services.

Types of units that will be available in Tema Istanbul 2

There are a total of 2,280 apartments in the project. The project was eager to give a variety of solutions to satisfy all demands. Properties inside the project are appropriate for small, medium, and big families, with:

  • 1+1 Flats in Istanbul Kucukcekmece with Lake View for Sale.
  • 2+1 Apartments for Sale in Kucukcekmece Istanbul with High Investment Potential.
  • 3+1 Residential Units for Sale in Kucukcekmece for Istanbul Real Estate Investment.
  • 4+1 Properties in Istanbul Kucukcekmece for Sale suitable to acquire Turkish Citizenship.

Tema Istanbul 2 does not stop at just supplying residences. In addition to the residential units, the project will include 70 villas to accommodate various preferences and needs.

Project’s Features: 

  • Walking track
  • Parking Garage
  • Indoor and Outdoor Swimming Pool
  • Kids Swimming Pool
  • Kids playgrounds
  • Turkish Bath & Sauna
  • Fitness Center
  • Nursery
  • Restaurants & Cafes
  • Cinema
  • Security and Camera Security
  • Football Field
  • volleyball Court
  • Tennis court
  • Lake/Pond

Tema Istanbul 2 - Kucukcekmece Real Estate ProjectsRadius Sefakoy  – Residential Units for sale in Istanbul Kucukcekmece

Mutlu Insaat announced the Radius Sefakoy project, which is now under construction. The project will be completed by 2024. It is being constructed on a land area of 27,500 square meters. The project will consist of three building blocks, each with four levels with a total of 96 properties. Furthermore, the project will feature not only residential apartments, but also commercial units, a shopping center, and a hotel! Having a flat in Radius Sefakoy is an exceptional opportunity for Istanbul Real Estate Investment. The project is looking for investors who will profit from the daily rise in the project’s investment values.

Types of properties that will be available in Radius Sefakoy

  • 1+1 Properties for Sale in Istanbul Sefakoy close to the Metrobus Line
  • 2+1 Residential Units in Istanbul Kucukcekmece Turkish Real Estate Investment.

Facilities and Services

Radius Sefakoy is willing to provide whatever you possibly want. A variety of entertainment options will be available. Furthermore, the shopping center that will be located beneath the residential units will make a significant impact and will make the neighborhood quite vibrant. In addition, several national and international brands will build stores within the project’s mall to meet all of your needs.  

Furthermore, the project will be too close to a variety of services, attractions, modes of transportation, and highways, the most notable of which are:

  • 212 Outlet Shopping Mall.
  • Starcity Outlet.
  • E-5 Road.
  • TEM Highway.
  • Metrobus Line.

Radius Sefakoy - Real Estate in Istanbul KucukcekmeceNivo Istanbul –  Istanbul Kucukcekmece Real Estate

Nivo Istanbul is a fantastic real estate project in the center of Istanbul, right adjacent to the Basin Express road. The project sells both residential and commercial properties. The project has a total size of 42,000 square meters and 1200 available property units. The construction business employed 27 specialists to design the project. Furthermore, the project is appropriate for gaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment in Istanbul.

Types of units that are available in Nivo Istanbul

  • 1+1 Flats in Istanbul Kucukcekmece close to the Basin Ekspress road.
  • 2+1 Properties in Kucukcekmece Istanbul with High Investment Return Rates for sale.
  • 3+1 Apartments for Sale in Kucukcekmece for Istanbul Property Investment.
  • 4+1 Residential Units in Istanbul Kucukcekmece for Sale to get Turkish Citizenship.

In addition, many facilities and features will be in Service, such as:

  • Multipurpose Hall.
  • Outdoor Swimming Pool
  •  Parking Garage
  •  Reception
  •  Turkish Hammam, SPA, and Sauna.
  •  Security Cameras.
  •  Security Gate.
  •  Supermarket

The prime location of Nivo Istanbul makes it nearby many facilities, institutions, roads, and transportation methods, such as: 

  • Istanbul Airport.
  • Mall of Istanbul.
  • 212 Outlet Shopping Mall.

Nivo Istanbul - Properties in KucukcekmeceCentric Istanbul – Residential and Commercial Units in Istanbul Kucukcekmece

The Muhsin Group launched Centric Istanbul. The construction will be finished by December 2023. Additionally, the project spans a total floor space of 29,900 square meters. Moreover, Centric Istanbul will include two linked blocks with a combined 167 residential apartments and 7 commercial shops. This project also meets the requirements for obtaining Turkish citizenship through property investment.

Types of units that are available in Centric Istanbul

  • 1+1 Flats for Sale in Centric Istanbul in Kucukcekmece with high investment returns
  • 2+1 Properties for Sale in Istanbul Centric Istanbul for Real Estate Investment in Turkey.
  • 3+1 Residential Units near the lake for sale in Centric Istanbul.

Project’s Features:

  • Open Swimming Pool.
  • Fitness Center.
  • Children’s Playground.
  • Walking Track.
  • Basketball Court.
  • Sports Field.
  • Turkish Bath & Sauna
  • Music Room.
  • Meeting Room. 

Means of Transportation close to Centric Istanbul

  • Sefakoy Metrobus Station.
  • Mahmutbey Metro Station.
  • Halkali Train Station.

Centric Istanbul - Projects in IstanbulKeles Center – Property Investment in Istanbul Kucukcekmece 

The 150,000 square meters Keles Center project is being carried out by the joint venture between Keles and Mese for construction. The complex, which spans 3 blocks, has 52 shops, 220 offices, and 498 homes. In addition, the project’s social facilities are 1,700 square meters in size. Also, it includes a landscape area of 12,430 square meters.

The E-5 Highway, one of Istanbul’s most valuable locations, lies located adjacent to the project, which has been dubbed the “golden axis.” Moreover, with its advantages, Keles Center is one of the preferred projects of real estate investors because of the great privileges it provides because of its central location. It was developed in a location that allows fast access to Istanbul Airport, Basin Ekspres Road, and 2nd and 3rd Bridge link roads.

Types of apartments that will be available in Keles Center

  • 1+1 Apartments for Sale in Istanbul Kucukcekmece for Property Investment in Turkey.
  • 2+1 Residential Units in Kucukcekmece Istanbul Sale near Public Transportation.

Project’s Features:

  • Walking Track
  • Indoor Swimming Pool
  • Turkish Bath & Sauna
  • Fitness Center
  • Security & Camera Security
  • Parking Garage

Keles Center