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Most Prestigious Istanbul Kartal Real Estate Projects 2022

Most Prestigious Istanbul Kartal Real Estate Projects 2022

Kartal is positioned on Istanbul’s Asian side, especially along the Marmara Sea shore. Since the area is one of the primary ports used to access the Princess Islands and Yalova, the region’s concentration on the Marmara coast made it a significant port. Get to know the Most prestigious Istanbul Kartal Real Estate Projects 2022.

Due to the numerous investments in the Asian part of the city and the area’s rapid expansion, Kartal is one of Istanbul’s most active districts in terms of the real estate market and has become a popular choice for national and International investors. Moreover, local construction corporations made investments totaling roughly $6 billion in Kartal. 

Referans Kartal Loca  – Istanbul Kartal Real Estate Projects

Reference Killer GYO developed Kartal Loca to invest in the Anatolian Side’s most profitable region. The project has 202 apartments in total, with 176 in the A block (25 Floors), 14 in the B block (4 Levels), and 12 in the C block (4 Levels). The apartments on the lower floors of Lodge 1’s blocks B and C; are perfect for medium and large-sized families with children due to the huge assigned gardens.

The privately groomed terrace gardens with garden furniture on a total area of 1,750 square meters that are available to all residents are planned as distinctive locations where all neighbors may spend quality time together and create special memories.

Types of units that will be available in Referans Kartal Loca

  • 2+1 Flats in Istanbul Kartal for Sale Excellent for Property Investment in Istanbul.
  • 3+1 Residential Units for Sale in Istanbul Kartal for Real Estate Investment in Turkey.
  • 4+1 Properties for Sale in Kartal suitable to acquire Turkish Citizenship.
  • Apartments with sea view for Sale in Istanbul Kartal for Large-sized families.

Project’s Features: 

  • Walking Track.
  • Seascape.
  • Islands View.
  • Children’s Playgrounds.
  • Turkish Bath & Sauna.
  • Fitness Center.
  • Indoor Swimming Pool.
  • Outdoor Swimming Pool.
  • Basketball Court.
  • Security & Camera.
  • Parking Garage.

The project’s Strategic location makes it nearby:

  • 200 Meters away from the Coastal Highway.
  • 3 km away from Kartal IDO Marina.
  • 1 km away from Maltepe IDO Marina.
  • 6.6 km away from Maltepe University.

Referans Kartal LocaAND Pastel  – Residential Units for sale in Istanbul Kartal

AND Pastel is a Ready project that was launched by AND for construction. The project was built over a land area equal to 45,000 square meters to offer 1,200 residential units in total with various unit options to choose from. The units are divided into 3 building blocks (Orangs, Blue, and Green Blocks). Moreover, the project is not limited to selling residential units but it also offers offices and commercial units as well.  AND Pastel’s strategic location in Kartal in the heart of the city with its breathtaking seascape made it an excellent opportunity for property investment in Istanbul and suitable to acquire Turkish Citizenship.

Types of properties that will be available in AND Pastel

  • 1+1 Houses for sale in Istanbul Kartal with amazing sea view over the Marmara Sea.
  • 2+1 Apartments in Kartal for sale in the Centre of Istanbul with High Investment Return Opportunities.
  • 3+1 Properties in Istanbul Kartal with Princesses Islands view are available for Sale. 
  • 4+1 Residential Units to obtain Turkish Citizenship through Real Estate Investment in Istanbul.

Furthermore, the project is eager to give many features that will provide inhabitants with a nice, tranquil, and safe atmosphere, such as:

  • Seascape and Islands View.
  • Forest Landscape.
  • golf course
  • Fitness center
  • Nursery
  • Kids Area
  • Turkish Bath & Sauna
  • Outdoor Swimming Pool
  • Indoor Swimming Pool
  • Children Swimming Pool
  • Cafe & Restaurant
  • Security & Camera security
  • Parking Garage.

AND PASTEL - Projects in Istanbul KartalRoyal Garden Kartal –  Istanbul Kartal Real Estate

It’s time to live the lavish lifestyle you deserve! The Royal Group Building company launched Royal Garden. It is divided into two buildings, one with 30 levels and the other with 20 floors with 375 flats spread across 13,350 square meters. There are also 1+1, 2+1, and 3+1 apartment kinds to choose from. 

Types of units that are available in Royal Garden Kartal

  • 1+1 Apartments for Sale in Royal Garden Kartal in Istanbul with an amazing sea view.
  • 2+1 Properties for Sale in Istanbul Kartal for Property Investment in Istanbul.
  • 3+1 Residential Units in Istanbul with Seascape are available for Sale.

Additionally, many facilities, features, and services will be available, such as:

  • Walking Track.
  • Seaview.
  • Parking Garage.
  • Swimming Pool.
  • Children Swimming Pool.
  • Kids Playgrounds.
  • Turkish Bath and Sauna.
  • Fitness Center.
  • Nursery.
  • Security and camera security. 

Because of its central location, Royal Garden Kartal is close to several facilities, institutions, highways, and modes of transportation, including:

  • Pendik Coast.
  • Zeruj Mall.
  • ISTMarina Mall.
  • Marmara University.
  • Marina Aquapark Waterland.
  • 5 minutes from Kartal – Adalar Ferry Station.
  • 5 minutes from Basak and Kartal Train station.
  • 3 minutes from the Soganlik Metro Station.

Royal Garden Kartal - Properties with Sea View in IstanbulDunya Sehir Kartal – Residential Units in Istanbul Kartal for Sale

The privilege of living comfortably in your own house while viewing the sceneries and islands is now a reality! Dunya Sehir is an under-development project in the Kartal district. The project’s construction company is 2B Global. Furthermore, it is 2B Global’s first residential project in Turkey. The project will consist of four blocks totaling 14,500 square meters in size.

Furthermore, to meet the opulent tastes of the residents and ensure their enjoyment, each living unit will be outfitted with the most advanced resources and technology. Moreover, the structures will be built to endure natural disasters such as earthquakes, allowing the residents to live in peace and safety.

In addition, due to the variety of apartment types, residential flats are appropriate for small, medium, and big families. Because of the project’s exceptional location, the flats are also appropriate for property investment in Istanbul.

Types of units that are available in Dunya Sehir Kartal

  • 1+1 Flats for Real Estate Investment in Istanbul.
  • 2+1 Apartments for Medium-sized families in Istanbul Kartal.
  • 3+1 Properties in Kartal Suitable to acquire Turkish Citizenship.

Dunya Sehir KartalYakapark – Property Investment in Kartal

YakaPark, a project in Istanbul Kartal, features apartments for sale. Furthermore, it provides residents with a blend of sea and forest views, allowing them to appreciate the natural beauty as well as the facilities and services provided. YakaPark offers flats for sale with sea and forest views, allowing you to live a wonderful lifestyle.

About the Project

  • It is being constructed on a 6,300 square meter plot of land.
  • The project consists of three (3) building blocks totaling 166 residential units.
  • The sizes of the flats range from 86 to 298 square meters.
  • Through property investment, this property provides Turkish citizenship.
  • Yakapark boasts an exceptional strategic position in Istanbul Kartal, a wealth of social and leisure services, and eco-friendly construction.

Types of apartments that will be available in Yakapark

  • The project offers 2+1 flats in Istanbul Kartal for Property Investment in Istanbul.
  • The project has 3+1 Residential Units for Sale in Istanbul Kartal suitable to get Turkish Citizenship.

YAKAPARK - Latest Projects in Istanbul