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Emlak Konut Avcilar

İstanbul Üni. Avcılar Kampüsü, İstanbul

Emlak Konut Avcilar: Phenomenal Apartments and Villas available for sale in one of the most luxurious projects in Avcilar Istanbul

It's finally here; the apartment you've always wanted to live in and create memorable experiences with your loved ones! Emlak Konut Avcilar offers first-class apartments and villas for sale in Istanbul Avcilar.

About Emlak Konut Avcilar

Emlak Konut Avcilar was built on a land area of 1,783,072 square meters in the Avcilar district. This project consists of apartment units and villas as well which gives you a variety of options to choose whatever you prefer and suits you. In addition, the project consists of 3000 residential apartments that vary in their size starting from 1+1 up to 5+1 villa’s size. The designers of Emlak Konut Avcilar built this project with a mentality that makes it suitable for all ages! That is to say, in Emlak Konut Avcilar everyone in your family will find a way to enjoy his life and entertain with all the offered facilities in such a project that was built on modern foundations.

Types of Residential units that will be available in Emlak Konut Avcilar

  • 1+1 Apartment options for Property Investment in Istanbul.
  • 2+1 Property types for sale in Avcilar.
  • 3+1 Units in Istanbul for medium-sized families.
  • 4+1 Luxury Residential units in Avcilar on the European side of Istanbul.
  • 5+1 Luxurious Villas to Obtain Turkish Citizenship through Real Estate Investment in Istanbul.

Social Facilities and Entertainment Amenities

We are all looking for a lifetime full of welfare as well as high safety! In the Emlak Konut Avcilar project, you will meet all your needs and dreams all together in the same place due to the bunch of facilities that are provided for the residents 24/7.

Firstly, you will enjoy a peaceful life in your apartment unit with a great garden view full of trees and a spectacular landscape that you can see from your private terrace. Adding to that, Children’s playgrounds and ornamental pools are available as well.

Also, for your fitness and healthy lifestyle, this project offers you a great walking track in the fresh air adding to a fitness center supplied with all the newly manufactured sports machines. One more essential amenity to guarantee is a strong security system with strong camera security that makes your life full of peace adding to an available parking garage.

Emlak Konut Avcilar’s Location

As mentioned previously, the Emlak Konut project is located in the Avcilar district which is only 12 kilometers from the center. Furthermore, living in this project in your dream home would be a great choice since you will enjoy a breathtaking view of the Küçükçekmece Lake which is located directly next to the project. Moreover, you have a variety of shopping centers, hospitals, and educational institutions such as Istanbul University-Avcilar Campus which is located nearby.


Finding many options of transportation is always a priority for all the residents to let their mobility way faster and easier. In Emlak Konut Avcilar different means of transportation are provided to you to facilitate your life and shorten the way to reach wherever you want in the city. First of all, you can go to Avcilar station on the Metrobus line which is the fastest transportation system all over Istanbul, and also you can catch different IETT bus lines that go to many destinations.

The Project’s Developer

This project was constructed by Emlak Konut REIT Company with their professional team of experts and engineers that aim to build new modern projects with protecting the concept of being environmentally friendly. To this day, they can construct many urban and innovative cities. Emlak Konut is one of the most creative and strong companies in Istanbul/Turkey that has a clear vision and a goal to always achieve which is ensuring customer satisfaction while providing all the improved construction techniques.

Previous Projects

Adding to the ongoing projects, Emlak Konut Reit has built many different projects located in many areas within Istanbul and other States as well, such as Izmir, Ankara, Tekirdag, and kocaeli. Among these projects we can see, Bulvar Istanbul, Buyukyali Istanbul, Dreamcity Cerkezkoy, Elite City, Esenler Emlak Residence, and others.

Competing Projects

Residence Inn Deluxia, Reform Life, and Gol Panorama Evleri.

Property details:

Property ID: IH-16514
Property Type: apartments and villas
Property Status: for sale / for citizenship


  • Concierge
  • Elevator: Freight
  • Elevator: Human

Property address:

İstanbul Üni. Avcılar Kampüsü, İstanbul

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