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Güneşbahçe Evleri

Bağlar, Koçman Cd. no 25-29, 34209 Bağcılar/İstanbul, Türkiye

Güneşbahçe Evleri Offers Luxurious Living Experience in Istanbul

About The Project

Located centrally in Istanbul, Güneşbahçe Evleri is a welcoming family-oriented living community. Moreover, the project is spread over 15,000 square meters. Also, it features 314 flats and 10 commercial units, offering spacious options like 1+1, 2+1, and 3+1. This project is developed by Çağdaş Yapı and Emiroğlu Group. Güneş Bahçe emphasizes comfort and luxury across its four blocks, each standing tall at 11 to 12 floors. With a focus on greenery, the project dedicates a significant 65% of its space to lush green areas. Alongside it provides essential amenities such as underground parking, a swimming pool, Turkish bath, sauna, gym, and tranquil walking paths.

Types of Apartments

Güneşbahçe Evleri presents an array of apartment options tailored to meet diverse lifestyle needs. Whether you seek cozy solace or expansive living spaces, there's a perfect fit for everyone:

  • 1+1 Apartments: Ideal for singles or couples, these apartments has a gross size of 68 square meters, with a net area of 50 square meters. It offers a blend of comfort and functionality.
  • 2+1 Apartments: Perfect for small families or those desiring extra space, these apartments range from 133 to 140 square meters in gross area. They have a net area of 98 to 100 square meters, providing ample room for comfortable living.
  • 3+1 Apartments: Designed for families seeking luxury and sophistication, these spacious residences offer a gross size of 164 to 173 square meters. They have a net area of 114 to 119 square meters, ensuring utmost comfort and style.

Luxury Facilities and Amenities

Güneşbahçe Evleri redefines luxury living by offering an array of world-class facilities and amenities:

  • Expansive green spaces covering 65% of the project area
  • Underground parking spanning three floors
  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Turkish bath and sauna facilities
  • Fully equipped gym
  • Serene walking paths throughout the community

Location and Transport

This residential project is located in Bagcilar. Moreover, Bağcılar located in Istanbul, is a hub perfect for families and individuals alike. With a population of over 600,000, it's known for its focus on education, especially for kids between 7 and 22 years old. Even though it's got lots of schools (65 to be exact) and plenty of classrooms (about 1509!), the district keeps aiming for better education. Bağcılar's culture shines bright, thanks to spots like the Bağcılar Cultural Center.

There, you'll find a huge library (20,000 books!), cinema halls, and sports spaces for fun. Plus, the district's love for green spaces means there's lots of parks and play areas (2 km² for each person!) where you can kick back and relax. With its schools, fun stuff to do, and green spaces, Bağcılar is a top-notch place to live.

  • Proximity to Major Highways: Situated just 5 kilometers away from the E-5 and E-80 motorways, residents enjoy seamless connectivity to the city's arterial routes.
  • Nearby Shopping Centers: From 212 Outlet Mall to Mall of Istanbul, residents have a plethora of shopping destinations within close proximity, ensuring a vibrant retail experience.
  • Access to Healthcare and Education: With hospitals such as Güneşli Erdem Hospital and educational institutions like Güneşli Primary School in the vicinity, families benefit from convenient access to essential services.

Project Developer

Güneşbahçe Evleri is a testament to the visionary partnership between Emiroğlu Group and Çağdaş Yapı, renowned for their commitment to excellence and innovation in the real estate industry.

Emiroğlu Group has been building for over fifty years, combining their experience with innovation. Their projects in Istanbul offer residents a mix of city convenience and peaceful living. With prime locations, great amenities, and a focus on quality, they're a popular choice for those looking for a great place to live.

With a shared dedication to quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction, they have crafted a residential masterpiece that exceeds expectations and sets a new standard for luxurious living in Istanbul

Completed Projects

  • Ataköy A Plus AVM
  • Ataköy Konakları
  • Bahçeşehir Park 1. Etap
  • Mimarsinan Marine Park Konutları
  • Bahçeşehir Park 2. Etap

Property details:

Property ID: IH-5
Property Type: Apartment
Property Status: for sale / for citizenship

Property address:

Bağlar, Koçman Cd. no 25-29, 34209 Bağcılar/İstanbul, Türkiye

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