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Labranda Alantur Hotel

Kestel, Kestel Belediyesi no 2, 07450 Alanya/Antalya, Türkiye

Experience a Captivating Getaway at Labranda Alantur Hotel in Alanya

Nestled along the pristine shores of the Turkish Riviera in Alanya. The Labranda Alantur Hotel beckons travelers to indulge in an unforgettable holiday experience. This exquisite seafront retreat has recently undergone renovations that bring together modern comfort and timeless charm.

Experience the splendor of 350 beautifully furnished guest rooms. Complemented by three restaurants and four bars that provide an unparalleled blend of luxury and sophistication. With its expansive grounds and an array of facilities, Labranda Alantur Hotel stands as one of Alanya's most inviting and comprehensive accommodations.

Key Features of Labranda Alantur Hotel: Your Ultimate Holiday Destination

Seaside Elegance by the Turkish Riviera:

  • Prime Coastal Location: Labranda Alantur Hotel graces Alanya's Turkish Riviera, offering a seafront escape where elegant charm meets modern comfort through meticulous renovations.
  • Tranquil Garden Haven: Amid Alanya's heart, the hotel boasts an expansive lush garden, a serene retreat from the city's buzz.
  • Comfortable Scenic Stays: Stylish rooms with balconies, air conditioning, and satellite TV offer sea or garden views, ensuring a pleasant stay.
  • Culinary Journeys: The buffet restaurant caters global flavors, while the bars and complimentary Italian A la Carte Restaurant enhance dining experiences.
  • Vibrant Leisure & Relaxation: Engage in sports, pools, water slides, and pampering massages at the SPA, embracing both activity and rejuvenation.

Family-Friendly Luxury & All-Inclusive Delights:

  • Welcoming Family Spaces: Children's zones and a dedicated outdoor pool ensure young guests relish their time.
  • Seaside Indulgence: A private 550-meter beach with sunbeds, umbrellas, and a pier offers a luxurious coastal experience.
  • Convenient Connectivity & Exploration: Stay connected via Wi-Fi and effortlessly explore nearby attractions.
  • Event Versatility: Host events seamlessly with two meeting halls catering to various occasions.
  • Spacious Retreat & Culinary Pleasures: Stylish rooms spread across 65,000 m², and all-inclusive dining covers meals and select beverages.
  • Diverse Dining Experiences: Alongside the main restaurant, relish culinary variety at the SunSet A la Carte and Barbeque A La Carte.

Exploring Alanya's Rich History and Surroundings

While Labranda Alantur Hotel offers an extensive array of on-site activities and amenities, its location in Kestel also provides proximity to Alanya's historical and cultural sites. Syedra Ancient City, the Wax Sculpture Museum, Alanya Archeology Museum, and Alanya Castle are just a few of the nearby attractions that offer glimpses into the region's rich heritage.

Labranda Alantur Hotel in Kestel offers proximity to historical sites.

  • Syedra Ancient City (11.87 km): Peek into the past.
  • Wax Sculpture Museum (5.42 km): Historical sculptures.
  • Ataturk House and Museum (5.96 km): Tribute to Turkey's founder.
  • Alanya Archeology Museum (6.57 km): Archaeological treasures.
  • Dim Stream Bridge (0.99 km): Historical bridge.
  • Esmeli Konak (2.56 km): Traditional architecture.
  • Transport: Convenient options include:
    • Antalya Gazipasa - Alanya Airport (35.11 km).
    • Alanya Bus Station (7.9 km).
  • Local Highlights:
    • Dim Cave (5.23 km): Natural wonder.
    • Red Tower (5.47 km): Iconic landmark.
    • Dim Stream National Park (20.46 km): Nature escape.
    • Alanyum AVM (3.34 km): Modern shopping.
  • Cultural Gems:
    • Suleymaniye Mosque (5.88 km): Architectural marvel.
    • Hidir Ilyas Church (9.13 km): Cultural site

Elegant Stays: Top Hotels Encircling Labranda Alantur Hotel

  1. Sunset Beach Hotel: A coastal retreat in Alanya, Sunset Beach Hotel offers stunning sea views, modern amenities, and easy access to Kestel's attractions.
  2. Kestel Hotel: Just steps away from Labranda Alantur, Kestel Hotel boasts comfortable accommodations, a relaxing ambiance, and a welcoming staff for a delightful stay.
  3. Panorama Resort: Nestled in Kestel's hills, Panorama Resort offers panoramic vistas, a tranquil atmosphere, and top-notch facilities, providing a serene escape near Labranda Alantur.
  4. Breeze Suites Hotel: Offering contemporary elegance, Breeze Suites Hotel, adjacent to Labranda Alantur, features spacious suites, a rooftop pool, and a chic ambiance for discerning travelers.
  5. Riviera Deluxe Hotel: Located in Alanya, Riviera Deluxe Hotel presents a blend of luxury and comfort, featuring plush accommodations, gourmet dining, and a rejuvenating spa.

Affordable Luxury on the Turkish Riviera: Experience Labranda Alantur Hotel at $150 per Day

Experience affordable 5-star luxury at Labranda Alantur Hotel, where opulence meets value at just $150 per day. Set amidst 65,000 square meters of lush gardens and elegant architecture, enjoy stunning sea or garden views from well-appointed rooms featuring private balconies, air conditioning, and satellite TV.

Indulge in global cuisine, an array of recreational activities, rejuvenating spa treatments, and family-friendly amenities, all while having access to a 550-meter private beach. With historical sites nearby, Hotel offers a seamless blend of comfort, adventure, and relaxation for an unforgettable escape.


From its luxurious rooms and diverse dining options to its rejuvenating spa and family-friendly atmosphere. Labranda Alantur Hotel offers an all-encompassing escape along the Turkish Riviera. Whether you're seeking a romantic getaway, a family adventure. A rejuvenating retreat, this seafront gem invites you to experience Alanya's enchantment in unparalleled comfort and style.

Property details:

Property ID: IH-25
Property Type: Hotels For Sale Istanbul
Property Status: for sale / for citizenship

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Kestel, Kestel Belediyesi no 2, 07450 Alanya/Antalya, Türkiye

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