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Orman Istanbul

Hamidiye, Halay Sk. No:34408 no 17, Kâğıthane/İstanbul, Türkiye

Orman Istanbul Project Combines Urban Living and Natural Beauty

About the Project

Situated in the Kağıthane district, the Orman Istanbul Project is an exquisite residential development. The project spans an area of 20,000 square meters and will be constructed in three phases. With a strong emphasis on green spaces and comprehensive social facilities,  75% of its area is covered with green lush landscapes and amenities that cater to residents' everyday needs.

Orman Istanbul features a range of high-quality flats, designed to provide a contemporary and comfortable lifestyle. The apartments come in various configurations, including 2+1 to 4+1 layouts, ensuring that residents can find the perfect home to suit their needs.

Moreover, the project is conveniently located along the TEM Highway. It offers residents stunning views of the Belgrade Forest, providing a unique opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of Istanbul. The development boasts a prestigious location on the European side, surrounded by historical landmarks and attractions

Types of Apartments

Orman Istanbul offers a variety of apartment configurations designed to cater to different family sizes and lifestyle preferences. The project includes:

  • 2+1 Apartments: Spanning over an area of 122 m2, ideal for small families or couples, offering a perfect balance of space and comfort.
  • 3+1 Apartments: Spanning over an area of 199 m2, Suitable for medium-sized families, providing ample living space and privacy.
  • 4+1 Apartments: Designed for larger families, these apartments offer expansive living areas and multiple bedrooms for a luxurious living experience.

Each apartment is meticulously designed with high-quality materials and modern aesthetics, ensuring a comfortable and stylish living environment.

Luxury Facilities and Amenities

Orman Istanbul is equipped with a range of luxury facilities and amenities to enhance the living experience of its residents. These include:

  • Green Areas and Landscape Features: 75% of the project area is dedicated to green spaces, including large landscape areas. Additionally, aromatic herb gardens, camellia fields, afforested walking trails, and ornamental pools.
  • Sports and Recreation: Residents can enjoy various sports facilities, children's playgrounds, and an indoor swimming pool. Additionally, there are amenities like a gym, jacuzzi, steam room, and sauna for relaxation and wellness.
  • Social and Community Spaces: The project includes well-designed social facilities, shopping areas, and dining options.Additionally, providing a complete and convenient lifestyle within the community.

Key Features:

  • Firstly, Sports Field
  • Secondly, Camellia Field
  • Thirdly, Children's play area
  • Also, Parking Garage
  • Moreover, Ornamental Pool
  • Lastly, Specially Designed Herb Gardens

Prime Location

Kağıthane is a fantastic place to call home, thanks to its scenic riverside location, creating a tranquil and serene environment. The district has seen significant development, making it an attractive choice for residents and investors alike. Rich in history and modern amenities, Kağıthane offers a unique blend of old and new:

  • Historical Sites: Residents can explore the historical Kağıthane Mosque and the transformed Silahtarağa Power Station, now an Energy Museum and cultural space.
  • Modern Attractions: The Istanbul Sapphire skyscraper provides breathtaking views and features convenient shopping and residential facilities.

Nearby Attractions:

  • Hagia Sophia Mosque: 17 minutes
  • Atlas University: 4 minutes
  • Nef Stadium: 5 minutes
  • Topkapi Palace: 20 minutes
  • Istanbul Airport: 20 minutes
  • Belgrad Forest: 15 minutes

Seamless Transportation

Kağıthane's strategic location ensures excellent connectivity, enhancing its appeal as a prime residential area:

  • Public Transportation: The district is well-served by various public transport options, including Metrobus lines and multiple subway lines (M1, M2, M5, M6, and M7), as well as tramway lines (T1, T2, and T4).
  • Driving Distances:
    • 5-minute walk to nearby amenities
    • 10-minute walk to Levent
    • 12-minute drive to Nişantaşı
    • 15-minute drive to Cihangir and Maslak
    • 18-minute drive to the Bosphorus Bridge
    • 20-minute drive to Fatih and Topkapı
    • 30-minute drive to the Istanbul Finance Centre and Istanbul Airport

With its natural beauty, rich historical background, and modern infrastructure, Kağıthane provides an exceptional living experience in Istanbul. The district's ongoing growth and development, combined with seamless transportation options, offer residents unparalleled convenience and accessibility to all the city's attractions and necessities.

The project's strategic location on the TEM Highway ensures easy access to various parts of Istanbul, making it an ideal residence for those who seek both convenience and tranquility.

Project Developers

Orman Istanbul is developed by a joint venture of Imperium Real Estate and Construction Inc. and Reliance Construction. The development is managed and supervised by a team of experienced architects, engineers, and construction professionals:

  • Architects: Led by Master Architect Özhan Akçalı, with significant contributions from Sarper Ünlü and Gülay Dülger, the architectural team brings decades of expertise in residential and commercial projects both in Turkey and abroad.

The construction adheres to the latest earthquake regulations and uses high-quality materials such as C35 class concrete and B420c class rebars, ensuring durability and safety.

Completed Projects

  1. Orman Istanbul
  2. Imperium No1 Residence
  3. Imperium No2 Residence
  4. Kandilli Konut Projesi
  5. Alaçatı Villa Projesi

Property details:

Property ID: IH-5
Property Type: Apartment
Property Status: for sale / for citizenship


  • Airport Shuttle
  • Balcony
  • Basketball Court
  • BBQ Area
  • Central Heating
  • Children's Pool
  • Children’s Entertainment Area
  • Concierge
  • Conference Hall
  • Electric Generator
  • Elevator: Human
  • Fire Elevator
  • Fitness Center
  • Football Field
  • Garden

Property address:

Hamidiye, Halay Sk. No:34408 no 17, Kâğıthane/İstanbul, Türkiye

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