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Sinpaş Koru Aura

Çamlık, Şenol Güneş Bulvarı, Dudullu Osb/Ataşehir/İstanbul, Türkiye

Discover a New Era of Living at Sinpaş Koru Aura: The Exemplary Life Project

About the Project

Introducing Sinpaş Koru Aura, a visionary project nestled in Istanbul's Ataşehir and Financial Center Region. This development is more than just a residential complex; it's a glimpse into the future of modern living, driven by a commitment to quality, luxury, and innovation.

Sinpaş Koru Aura comprises 544 residences across five distinctive blocks, designed to meet the evolving demands of contemporary living. With apartment options ranging from 2+1 to 5+1 layouts and sizes spanning from 96 to 267 m², versatility and spaciousness are at the heart of this project. Scheduled for completion in 2025, it's where modernity meets comfort, offering a lifestyle where every detail caters to your needs.

Types of Apartments

Sinpaş Koru Aura offers a diverse range of spacious and versatile apartments to cater to various lifestyles:

  • 2+1 Apartments: Ideal for small families or individuals looking for a comfortable living space with room to spare.
  • 3+1 Apartments: Perfect for those seeking a bit more space and flexibility for their family and personal needs.
  • 4+1 Apartments: Designed for families requiring larger living spaces and additional room for various activities.
  • 5+1 Apartments: The epitome of luxury and space, providing ample room for work, leisure, and family life.

Luxury Facilities and Amenities

Sinpaş Koru Aura takes the concept of a quality life to the next level with its exceptional amenities. Here, you can truly enjoy the best that life has to offer:

  • Vitamin D Corners: Immerse yourself in sunlight and enjoy the numerous health benefits of vitamin D in the project's open areas, including spacious balconies, gardens, and terraces. Start your day with breakfast on the balcony, sipping coffee in the evening, or simply bask in the sun whenever you wish.
  • Balcony Gardens: Elevate your culinary experience by cultivating your own balcony garden. With balconies that extend up to 3 meters in depth, you can grow fruits, vegetables, and aromatic herbs seasonally, enhancing the flavors and nutritional value of your meals.
  • Moon Grove: Find tranquility and balance in the Moon Grove, surrounded by the soothing scents of nature. This serene environment allows you to reconnect with yourself, offering spaces for work, relaxation, and reading amidst lush greenery.
  • Chalet in Yıldız Grove: Cherish special moments with your loved ones at the event area in Yıldız Grove. Gather for delightful barbecues under the trees and create lasting memories while celebrating life.
  • Outdoor Socializing: Strengthen your sense of community by socializing with neighbors in outdoor areas designed for the new normal. Take leisurely walks, engage in sports, share meals, walk your pets, and rekindle the warm neighborhood feeling of your childhood.
  • Home Office: Experience the advantages of the new normal without disconnecting from life. Create your own dedicated workspace at home, making it your most productive and inspiring corner.
  • Club Aura: Become part of the Club Aura Good Life Club and enjoy access to indoor and outdoor amenities like the pool, fitness center, and yoga area. Plan wellness-focused gatherings with your neighbors and enhance your quality of life.

A Prime Location in Ümraniye: Discover Convenience and Connectivity

Sinpaş Koru Aura enjoys a prime location in the vibrant district of Ümraniye, Istanbul. Ümraniye, located on Istanbul's Asian side, seamlessly blends tradition with modernity. It has evolved into a vibrant business center, attracting professionals and families alike. With top-notch education, shopping, green spaces, healthcare, and cultural landmarks. Ümraniye offers a dynamic urban lifestyle.

Its excellent connectivity ensures easy access to the rest of Istanbul, making it a sought-after district on the Asian side. The location of Sinpaş Koru Aura in Ümraniye ensures that you're not just acquiring a residence but also gaining access to the vibrant life and opportunities that Istanbul has to offer. It's where convenience, connectivity, and culture converge for a well-rounded urban experience.

  • Located in Istanbul's financial center, only 10 meters away.
  • Just 500 meters from the Finans Merkezi Metro Station.
  • 4 kilometers from the TEM Highway.
  • 7 kilometers from the E-5 Highway.
  • Approximately 8 kilometers from Çamlıca.
  • 11 kilometers from the Şehitler Köprüsü (15th July Martyrs' Bridge).
  • About 15 kilometers from the FSM Köprüsü (Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge).

Project Developer

Sinpaş Koru Aura is brought to you by Sinpas REIT, a trusted name in real estate development. With a commitment to quality and innovation, Sinpas REIT has created a project that reflects the changing needs of modern living and sets a new standard for exemplary life projects.

Sinpas REIT, established in 1986 in Ankara and now headquartered in Istanbul, is a publicly traded investment partnership specializing in real estate and development projects. With a commitment to quality and innovation, Sinpas REIT is now bringing their expertise to shape the future of modern living with their latest project, Sinpaş Koru Aura.

Completed Projects

They have an impressive track record, having successfully completed numerous projects, including Kelebekia, Kelebekia Premium, Marenegro, Sealybria, Aqua City, İstanbul Palace, Boğaztepe, Central Life, Aqua Manors, Flatofis, Deposite Shopping Mall, and Topkapı Trade Center.

Property details:

Property ID: IH-40
Property Type: Apartment
Property Status: for sale / for citizenship

Property address:

Çamlık, Şenol Güneş Bulvarı, Dudullu Osb/Ataşehir/İstanbul, Türkiye

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