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Dumankaya Miks

Atakent, Turgut Özal Bulvari No:48, Küçükçekmece/İstanbul, Türkiye

Dumankaya Miks Project: A Fusion of Elegance and Functionality

About the Project

The Dumankaya Miks Project is an example of architectural excellence and modern living. The project comprises of two towering structures with 23 and 32 floors respectively. Moreover, it is strategically designed to see breathtaking views of the lake on the southwest side and the lively theme park on the east side. With a total of 657 residences, this project provides diverse living preferences, offering a combination of comfort and sophistication.

Additionally, the project is developed by the renowned Dumankaya. With stunning views, diverse living options, and top-notch amenities, Dumankaya Miks is not just a residence; it's a lifestyle crafted for those who appreciate comfort.

Types of Apartments

  • Studio Flats

Embracing efficiency and style, the studio flats in Dumankaya Halkalı Miks range from 39 m2 to 41 m2. These spaces are meticulously crafted to provide a comfortable and functional living experience, making them an ideal choice for those who appreciate compact luxury.

  • 1+1 Flats

For those seeking a bit more space, the 1+1 flats offer a range from 56 m2 to 135 m2. Whether you desire a more intimate setting or a spacious abode, these apartments cater to various lifestyles, ensuring a perfect fit for each resident.

  • 2+1 Flats

The 2+1 flats, with dimensions ranging from 97 m2 to 99 m2, provide an ideal solution for families or individuals who prioritize roomy and versatile living spaces. These flats combine functionality with elegance, creating a comfortable environment for residents.

Luxury Facilities and Amenities

Dumankaya Miks project along with high-quality residences provides a lifestyle enriched with luxury facilities and amenities. Each flat is equipped with a automation system that allows residents to minimize energy use and enhance security. From motion detector alarms to CCTV and access control systems, the project prioritizes safety without compromising on comfort.

Residents can effortlessly manage their living spaces by controlling air conditioning, curtains, taps, lights, and entertainment systems with a simple touch. This commitment to convenience extends to energy load management, contributing to a sustainable and eco-friendly living environment.

  1. Smart Home Automation: Centralized control for lighting, heating, ventilation, and automation features.
  2. High-End Security Systems: Motion detector alarms, CCTV surveillance, and advanced access control.
  3. Energy-Efficient Design: Integration of energy-saving technologies and sustainable architectural practices.
  4. Premium Interior Finishes: Use of top-quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship in interior detailing.
  5. Spa and Wellness Facilities: Exclusive access to spa amenities, including saunas, steam rooms, and fitness centers.
  6. Breathtaking Views and Outdoor Spaces: Panoramic views and well-designed outdoor areas for relaxation and socialization.

Prime Location

The project is located inAtakent, Küçükçekmece. Moreover, it is a leading satellite city in Istanbul known for its mass housing. Connected seamlessly to Küçükçekmece, it has become the 3rd most populous neighborhood in Istanbul, home to a growing community of 103,195 people as of 2022. Covering 8.52 km², Atakent offers a dynamic urban environment with a range of amenities.

Situated strategically, Dumankaya Miks enjoys a location overlooking the lake on the southwest side and the Temapark on the east side. The project's proximity to the largest hospital in the region, along with easy access to the airport, metro station, and TEM. Ensures residents are well-connected to essential services and transportation hubs. This strategic positioning enhances the quality of life for residents and offers significant premium advantages for investors.

Ease Of Transportation

Getting to Halkalı Atakent, a highly frequented destination in the Küçükçekmece region, is convenient and accessible through various public transportation options:

  • Bus Routes: 141A, 141M, 79G, 89A, HT1, HT20, MR50.
  • Metro Line: M9.
  • Minibus Services: A-208, A-216, A-49.

These diverse transportation options provide a seamless connection to and from Halkalı Atakent, ensuring that residents and visitors can navigate the city efficiently and enjoy the amenities of this vibrant satellite city in Istanbul.

Project Developer

Dumankaya Miks is the brainchild of a visionary project developer committed to delivering excellence in every aspect. With a vast land area of 121,972 m2, the project reflects meticulous planning and a dedication to creating a vibrant community that harmonizes with its surroundings.

In conclusion, Dumankaya Miks Project emerges as more than just a collection of residences; it is a lifestyle choice that seamlessly blends elegance, functionality, and convenience. Whether you seek a compact studio or a spacious 2+1, this project has something to offer for every discerning individual, promising a 5-star life to its flat owners.

Dumankaya Miks is developed by Dumankaya. The company with a legacy of more than 50 years, has been a key contributor to Istanbul's urban transformation. Moreover, the project is known for crafting living spaces that with high-quality design. Dumankaya has delivered over 20,000 residences across Istanbul. Notable projects like Dumankaya Vision and Dumankaya Ikon showcase the developer's commitment to innovation and quality.

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  • Secondly, Dragos Drive
  • Also, Yenişehir Houses
  • Additionally, Çekmeköy Houses
  • Moreover, Secret Garden Mansions
  • Furthermore, Dumankaya Vision
  • Moreover, Dumankaya Ikon
  • Additionally, Dumankaya Modern Vadi
  • Furthermore, Adres Campus
  • Moreover, Dumankaya Ritim İstanbul
  • Additionally, Dumankaya Horizon
  • Lastly, Dumankaya Mozaik

Property details:

Property ID: IH-4
Property Type: mansions
Property Status: for sale / for citizenship


  • Air Conditioning
  • Basketball Court
  • BBQ Area
  • Card Entry System
  • Children's Pool
  • Children’s Entertainment Area
  • Concierge
  • Conference Hall
  • Dry-Cleaning
  • Electric Generator
  • Elevator: Human
  • Fitness Center
  • Football Field
  • Free Beach Shuttle
  • Garden

Property address:

Atakent, Turgut Özal Bulvari No:48, Küçükçekmece/İstanbul, Türkiye

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