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Premier Campus Office

Gürsel, İmrahor Cd. No:34400 no 29, Kâğıthane/İstanbul, Türkiye

Premier Campus Office Project For Sale In Istanbul

About the Project

The Premier Campus Office is an exceptional project in Turkey, introducing the innovative concept of a campus-style workspace for the first time. Also, the project features spacious, employee-friendly layouts and ample green spaces reminiscent of a park. Moreover, the office complex offers a range of amenities including gourmet restaurants, cafes, banks. Social activity venues, break rooms, a gym, a pocket cinema, archive rooms, and meeting halls. This comprehensive package exceeds the expectations of both employees and employers alike.

Information About Offices

The Premier Campus Office complex is structured to accommodate a variety of business needs with its 408 units spread across 6 floors. The office spaces are designed to cater to different scales of operations, from small startups to large corporations. The emphasis is on creating an environment that fosters productivity and innovation, with flexible spaces that can be tailored to specific requirements.

Latest Technology Systems

  • Smart Control System: Remote access to your office
  • Energy-Saving Meeting and Seminar Rooms: Integrated with building software
  • Social Areas: Consuming energy only when used
  • Automatic Energy Saving: Turns off the entire system when the user is away

Special Areas Without Extra Investment

  • Meeting and Training Rooms
  • Conference/Cinema Hall
  • Archive Areas on Each Floor
  • Lobby: An elegant design to impress your clients

Comprehensive Facilities

Each floor is equipped with archive and storage areas, 25 meeting and training rooms, and a conference/cinema hall. Lounge Plus allows you to expand your office facilities without additional investment, providing comprehensive services to your clients. The automatic energy-saving system turns off when not in use, further reducing costs.

Elegant Meeting Rooms and Lobby

Our 25 meeting rooms per floor accommodate up to 18 people, offering the perfect solution when your office meeting rooms are full or seem unnecessary. Designed with elegance, these rooms reflect your prestige to guests and business partners. The magnificent lobby enhances your company's image with its elegant design and special services.

For businesses experiencing growth or handling periodic projects, Premier Campus Office offers the Stock Office service. This unique solution allows you to rent additional office space section by section, meeting your seasonal needs without a long-term investment.

Luxury Facilities and Amenities

One of the standout features of the Premier Campus Office is its extensive range of luxury facilities and amenities:

  • Firstly, Spacious Green Areas: Designed to provide a park-like atmosphere, promoting relaxation and well-being.
  • Additionally, Gourmet Restaurants and Cafes: Offering a variety of dining options within the campus.
  • Moreover, Bank Branches: Conveniently located for easy access to financial services.
  • Furthermore, Social Activity Venues: Spaces dedicated to social events and activities.
  • Moreover, Break Rooms and Gym: Areas for employees to unwind and maintain fitness.
  • Additionally, Pocket Cinema: A unique feature for entertainment and presentations.
  • Lastly, Archive Room, Meeting, and Conference Halls: State-of-the-art facilities for business operations.

These amenities align with the global campus office trend, focusing on technology, social life, and efficiency.

Location and Transport

Kağıthane is a wonderful place to live, boasting a picturesque riverside setting that creates a tranquil atmosphere. With significant development, it's become a sought-after location for both residents and investors.

Rich in history yet equipped with modern amenities, Kağıthane offers a charming blend of the old and the new. Historical treasures like the Kağıthane Mosque and the repurposed Silahtarağa Power Station, now an Energy Museum, coexist with modern marvels like the Istanbul Sapphire skyscraper, offering stunning views and convenient facilities. This fusion of the past and present makes Kağıthane an inviting choice for those seeking a balanced lifestyle in Istanbul.

The Premier Campus Office is strategically located in Kağıthane, one of Istanbul's rapidly developing business districts. The location offers excellent connectivity and accessibility:

  • Metro: Only 50 meters away.
  • TEM Highway: 800 meters away.
  • Piyalepaşa-Kâğıthane Tunnel: 1.4 km distance.
  • E-5 Okmeydanı Access: 30-minute drive.
  • Bosphorus Bridge: 12 km away.
  • Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge: 15 km away.
  • Atatürk Airport: 20 km away.

This prime location ensures that the Premier Campus Office is easily accessible from various parts of the city, enhancing its appeal to businesses.

Project Developer

The Premier Campus Office is developed by Fer Yap. They are renowned in the Turkish real estate market. Fer Yapı is known for its innovative projects and commitment to quality. The Premier Campus Office has also received the LEED Gold certificate in March 2017, signifying its compliance with environmental standards and its status as an environmentally friendly building. The certificate highlights the project's green spaces, effective heating and cooling solutions, and the use of materials with minimal environmental impact, reinforcing Fer Yapı's dedication to sustainability and smart, efficient office complexes.

Completed Projects

  • Premier Campus Office
  • IstWest
  • ITower
  • Parima Office
  • Mai Residence

Property details:

Property ID: IH-5
Property Type: mansions
Property Status: for sale / for citizenship


  • Air Conditioning
  • Airport Shuttle
  • Balcony
  • Basketball Court
  • BBQ Area
  • Billiards
  • Card Entry System
  • Central Heating
  • Children's Pool
  • Concierge
  • Conference Hall
  • Dry-Cleaning
  • Electric Generator
  • Elevator: Freight
  • Elevator: Human
  • Fire Elevator
  • Football Field
  • Free Beach Shuttle
  • Garden

Property address:

Gürsel, İmrahor Cd. No:34400 no 29, Kâğıthane/İstanbul, Türkiye

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