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Benefits of Holding a Turkish Passport

Benefits of Holding a Turkish Passport

Nowadays, it is common for one person to have dual citizenship, meaning that they hold their original citizenship in addition to another one; but what are the benefits of obtaining Turkish citizenship besides the original citizenship? This article aims to highlight the advantages and benefits of holding a Turkish passport.

Real Estate Investment in Turkey is the most prominent way for holding a Turkish Passport within a short period

Yes, Real Estate Investment in Turkey is one of the easiest available ways to obtain Turkish citizenship. Only what you have to do is to buy a property for an amount of $400,000 at least. Additionally, it is essential to note that this method allows you to get Turkish citizenship within only (3) months! Further, this approach gives the right for your family members to obtain Turkish citizenship as well.

Required Documents to apply for Turkish citizenship through Real Estate Investment in Turkey

  1. Tapu paper (Real Estate Title Deed)
  2. Real estate appraisal report made by an appraisal institution licensed by the Turkish government
  3. The payment and receipts for the buyer and seller must be documented with a seal from the bank
  4. In addition to translated copies of family members’ passports are attached with the latest Entry Visa

Holding Turkish Passport Through Real Estate Investment

Advantages of Holding a Turkish Passport

1. Strong Passport

Turkish citizens can experience the beauty of traveling to many different countries; a Turkish citizen with an ordinary passport can travel and enter 115 countries without a visa. In addition, the businessmen can travel to 155 countries. Issuing a Schengen visa for many European Union countries is easy for Turkish passport holders.

2. Dual Citizenship

Turkish law allows dual citizenship, as Turkish citizens can obtain another citizenship without dispensing their Turkish citizenship; on the contrary, foreigners who obtained Turkish citizenship can retain the original citizenship without giving it up.

3. Advanced Healthcare System

Turkey has a well-developed healthcare system and high-quality health facilities. Further, old facilities have been replaced with new and more advanced health facilities. With the recent laws, health care programs have improved and become more beneficial for all Turkish citizens.

4. Democracy

Democracy has ruled Turkey since its inception. The application of democracy is becoming more systematic. Moreover, every citizen has an equal right to express their opinion and present beneficial ideas to society and the country.

5. The Right to Free Education

The Government of Turkey provides a free education system from primary school to university. Students do not need to purchase any teaching materials such as books. Also, educational institutions offer flexible payment plans exclusively for Turkish Students.

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