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Exploring the Key Factors Behind Russian Investment in Turkish Real Estate

Why Russians Are Investing in Turkish Real Estate: Exploring the Key Factors

Turkey’s property market has become a popular investment destination for foreign buyers, particularly for Russian investors who purchased over 16,000 properties in 2022 alone. In the first quarter of 2023, they continue to show interest, purchasing 2,740 real estate units. In this article, we will discuss the main factors that make Turkish real estate appealing to Russian investors, including affordable pricing, investment potential, tourism and lifestyle appeal, convenience and accessibility, residency incentives, cultural connections, and a stable property market.

Factors Driving Russian Investment In Turkish Real Estate

  1. Tourism and Lifestyle Appeal:
    Turkey is a popular tourist destination for Russians, with its beautiful scenery, beaches, history, culture, and friendly people. Owning a vacation home in Turkey allows Russians to comfortably enjoy holidays in Turkey while potentially earning rental income during peak seasons.
  2. Affordable Pricing:
    Property prices in Turkey are often lower than in Russia and Europe. This makes it possible for Russians to buy more properties and achieve higher returns on investment. The lower cost of living in Turkey also attracts Russian buyers.
  3. Investment Potential:
    Turkey’s real estate market is growing rapidly and offers attractive opportunities for foreign investors. Major cities like Istanbul, Antalya, and Izmir are experiencing increased demand for housing, driving property market growth. Russians invest in Turkey to capitalize on long-term value appreciation and rental yields.
  4. Convenience and Accessibility:
    Turkey and Russia are geographically close, with direct flights connecting them. This proximity makes it easy for Russians to travel to and access properties in Turkey. The convenience appeals to Russians looking for second homes or vacation properties abroad.
  5. Residency Incentives:
    Turkey offers residency permits to foreigners who purchase high-value properties. This incentivizes Russian investors with the opportunity to obtain long-term residency rights and visa-free access to Turkey.
  6. Cultural Connections:
    Russia and Turkey share historical and cultural ties that make Russians feel comfortable investing in Turkey. The large Russian community in Turkey, especially in tourist areas, also creates a welcoming environment for Russian buyers.
  7. Stable Property Market:
    Turkey’s real estate market has remained resilient, even during global economic instability. This stability attracts investors looking for secure investment opportunities. Government incentives and eased regulations also boost investor confidence in Turkey’s property market.


In summary, the appeal for Russian investors lies in Turkey’s tourism and lifestyle factors, affordable property prices, strong market growth potential, convenience and accessibility, residency incentives, cultural connections, and stable real estate market. As these drivers continue attracting Russian interest, Turkey remains a prime destination for Russian real estate investors.

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