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Iranian Investors Flock to Turkey’s Real Estate Market: Exploring Key Factors and Opportunities

Surge in Iranian Investment in Turkish Properties

Turkey’s real estate market has been attracting foreign investors from various countries, including Iran. In 2022, Iranians bought 8,223 real estate units, and in the first three months of 2023, they bought 972 units. Iranian investors are increasingly interested in the Turkish property market, due to geographical proximity, economic stability, and cultural ties. In this article, we will explore the factors driving Iranian investment in Turkish real estate and the opportunities available.

Factors Driving Iranian Investment In Turkish Real Estate

  1. Geographical Proximity: Turkey and Iran’s close geographical proximity allows Iranian investors to easily access their properties in Turkey and travel between the two countries. This convenience is appealing for those seeking a second home or vacation property abroad, as well as for business purposes.
  2. Economic Stability: Compared to Iran, Turkey has a more stable economy and a growing real estate market, offering relatively safer and more predictable investment opportunities. This stability can provide Iranian investors with a sense of security when investing in Turkish properties.
  3. Investment Potential: Turkey’s property market offers significant growth potential and attractive opportunities for foreign investors. Major cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir are experiencing rapid urban development. Demand for housing, and infrastructure improvements, driving property value appreciation and rental income opportunities has increased.
  4. Quality of Life in Turkey: Turkey offers a high quality of life, with modern infrastructure, healthcare services, and educational institutions. These factors can be appealing to Iranians looking to purchase property in Turkey for living and working purposes, as well as for their families.
  5. Cultural and Historical Connections: Turkey and Iran share deep-rooted cultural and historical ties, which can make Iranian investors feel more comfortable and welcomed when investing in Turkish real estate. These connections can help facilitate smoother transactions and integration into Turkish communities.
  6. Residency Permits and Citizenship Opportunities: Foreign investors, including Iranians, can find Turkey’s residency permits and citizenship opportunities appealing. These incentives are offered to those who purchase properties above a certain value and provide the opportunity to live, work, and access social benefits in Turkey.
  7. Tourist Regions and Holiday Opportunities: Iranian investors may find Turkey’s beautiful beaches, rich history and culture, warm climate. Also, hospitable people appealing, especially when investing in properties located in popular tourist regions. By investing in properties located in popular tourist regions, Iranians can take advantage of Turkey’s thriving tourism industry and generate rental income during peak seasons.


Iranian investors are increasingly interested in Turkey’s real estate market due to several factors. These include the proximity of the two countries, the stability of the Turkish economy, investment potential. Also quality of life, cultural and historical connections, residency permits, citizenship opportunities, and tourist regions. Iranian investors are expected to maintain a strong interest in the Turkish real estate market.

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