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Read About Top 5 Jewelry Brands In Turkey

Read About Top 5 Jewelry Brands In Turkey

Turkey has radiant jewelry landscape, where tradition meets innovation. Moreover, these brands offer ornaments with a blend of craftsmanship and elegance. Explore the Jewelry Brands In Turkey that have enthusiasts worldwide, from Altınbaş to Atasay. Each providing ornaments with beauty and impeccable quality.

Welcome to the sparkling realm of Jewelry Brands In Turkey. Where every piece shines with a unique charm and sophistication. In this article, we’ll explore the rich craftsmanship behind Altınbaş, Atasay, and other brands.


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Altınbaş Kuyumculuk has been a standout in the global jewelry scene since the 1950s, tracing its roots back to Gaziantep. With over 110 stores in Turkey and 20 abroad, Altınbaş is renowned for its quality, craftsmanship, and innovative designs. Their collections blend Turkish motifs with modern aesthetics, crafted in state-of-the-art facilities in Istanbul’s Beylikdüzü, ensuring every piece is flawless.

Under Chairman İmam Altınbaş’s leadership, the brand continues to shape the Turkish jewelry industry. Their pioneering spirit, from being the first to advertise in the sector to receiving prestigious awards, underscores their dedication to excellence. As they expand globally, Altınbaş remains committed to offering an unmatched shopping experience, blending tradition and innovation to enchant customers worldwide.


Atasay Kuyumculuk has been a pillar of the Turkish jewelry scene for three generations, starting in the 1930s with founder Atasay Kamer. His travels across Anatolia in 1965 shaped the company, blending diverse techniques into their jewelry making. Known for innovation and quality, Atasay has influenced many in the industry, inspiring them to start their own brands. Today, under Honorary President Atasay Kamer’s guidance, the company continues its tradition of excellence, offering a wide range of products blending traditional craftsmanship with modern designs.

Atasay Diamond, established in 1937, is a leading name in Turkish jewelry, especially renowned for their stunning diamond pieces. They offer a variety of options including rings, necklaces, bracelets, and silver items. For those planning a proposal in Turkey, Atasay is a top choice, with a strong presence in over 50 cities, notably in Istanbul. Their English-friendly website makes online diamond shopping easy, adding to their accessibility and appeal.

Blue Diamond

Jewelry Brands In Turkey
Jewelry Brands In Turkey

Blue Diamond, established in 2004 as a wholesaler supplying diamonds to the jewelry industry, has grown into Turkey’s largest diamond brand. Since 2014, it has opened its own stores, making diamond shopping more accessible. Known for its wide range of diamonds, from 0.001 to 20 carats, Blue Diamond is also Turkey’s biggest diamond exporter, headquartered in Istanbul.

Setting itself apart, Blue Diamond leads in diamond education and certification, founding Turkey’s first Diamond Testing Laboratory and Diamond Academy with 9 Eylül University. With over 4000 certified experts trained, their Blue Diamond Certificate signifies expertise. Their labs, run by internationally recognized experts, ensure quality. Offering competitive prices due to direct production, Blue Diamond prioritizes quality and affordability. With stores in global cities like New York and Dubai, they offer a diverse range of diamond and silver jewelry, including unique designer pieces.


Jewelry Brands In Turkey

Since 1989, genuine Swarovski products have featured the iconic Swarovski Swan logo, setting them apart from earlier versions which may have different, fainter logos. Other common symbols found on Swarovski crystal and jewelry include the Square Silver Crystal SC logo (1976-1988) and the sCs/SCS logo (Swarovski Crystal Society 1987-present), representing their heritage and membership affiliations.

Swarovski jewelry is renowned for its careful craftsmanship, using the finest Swarovski crystals and plated metal parts that meet European nickel content standards for hypoallergenic wear. By employing innovative techniques like Pointiage® for crystal placement, Swarovski achieves unmatched design flexibility and brilliance. Their Crystal Pearls, made with a crystal core and special coating technology, boast a flawless, radiant finish that reflects Swarovski’s dedication to quality and innovation.


Jewelry Brands In Turkey

Pandora’s journey started in 1982 when Per and Winnie Enevoldsen founded the company in Copenhagen, Denmark. Initially, they imported jewelry from Thailand, but soon shifted to creating their own unique designs. By 1989, they had set up their manufacturing operations in Thailand.

Their big break came in 2000 with the launch of their charm bracelet concept. Since then, Pandora has expanded globally, reaching markets like the United States, Germany, and Australia. They manage everything from designing to selling, with over 6,700 points of sale worldwide, including 2,600 concept stores. With a team of over 33,000 employees, Pandora is now a major player in the jewelry industry.

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