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Real Estate Journey: Exploring the Best Properties in Turkey

Real Estate Journey: Exploring the Best Properties in Turkey


Investing in Turkey’s real estate market is an attractive prospect due to its strategic location, and a growing economy. The country offers diverse property options and has witnessed significant development. It is an appealing choice for both local and international investors. Moreover, Government initiatives and favorable policies, like the Turkish Citizenship by Investment program offer profitable returns. Read about some of the Best Properties in Turkey, where modern living, luxury, and convenience come together

These latest property deals including Valory Güneşli, Dumankaya Miks, showcase the diverse and vibrant real estate landscape in Turkey. Whether for rental income or long-term growth, Turkey’s real estate market presents a promising investment opportunity.

Valory Güneşli

Best Properties in Turkey

Valory Güneşli, a housing project by Yiğitoğlu Kimya Endüstrisi in Bağcılar’s Basın Ekspres area. Moreover the project offers diverse living options from 1+1 to 4+1 with modern interiors and stunning city views. Also, the project covers a ground area of 43,975.70 m². The interiors are complemented by high-quality materials, top-notch appliances, and spacious balconies providing stunning city views.

Valory Güneşli boasts luxury facilities, including a modern fitness center, a tranquil spa retreat. A family-friendly playground, enhancing the overall lifestyle for residents. Positioned strategically in Bağcılar, the project ensures convenient transportation with easy access to airports. Shopping malls, public transport hubs, and healthcare facilities, making it an ideal living choice.

  • Diverse Living Options: Ranging from efficient 1+1 apartments to spacious 4+1 residences.
  • First-Class Amenities: Enjoy a family-friendly playground, modern fitness center, and a tranquil spa retreat.
  • Convenient Location: Seamless transport options and proximity to airports, shopping malls, and healthcare facilities.
  • Contemporary Design: Apartments feature modern aesthetics, blending style with functionality.
  • Quality Craftsmanship: Commitment to quality ensures meticulous workmanship for a luxurious living experience.

Alya Konutları Merkezefendi

Alya Konutları Merkezefendi in Zeytinburnu, Istanbul, combines modern and classical architecture in a family-oriented project. Developed by BOSS4 Real Estate, it offers 450 residences ranging from 1+1 to 7+1 apartments with luxury amenities like an indoor pool and fitness center. The project’s prime location provides easy access to the E-5 highway, cultural attractions, and efficient transportation options. With a strong developer legacy and a focus on quality, Alya Konutları Merkezefendi presents a reliable investment opportunity in a spacious and well-connected living environment.

  • Range of Apartments: From compact 1+1 to spacious 7+1 units.
  • Luxury Amenities: Indoor pool, fitness center, and more for a comfortable lifestyle.
  • Prime Location: Convenient access to E-5 highway, cultural attractions, and efficient transportation.
  • Developer Legacy: BOSS4 Real Estate’s commitment to quality showcased in previous projects.
  • Investment Opportunity: A reliable choice with a high return on investment and A+ quality social facilities.

Meydan Başakşehir

Meydan Başakşehir, a luxurious residential project in Istanbul, covers 63,474 m² in Başakşehir District. With 14 blocks offering 2+1 to 5+1 duplex units, the project is designed around Meydan Square, providing green spaces. Residents benefit from easy access to metro stations, hospitals, highways, and Istanbul Airport, ensuring a comfortable and well-connected lifestyle. The diverse apartment types, luxury facilities like a sauna, indoor pool, and fitness center, along with a strategic location, make Meydan Başakşehir a prime choice for a modern and convenient living experience.

  • Varied Apartments: From 2+1 to duplex units, catering to different preferences.
  • Luxury Amenities: Sauna, indoor pool, fitness center, and green spaces for a comfortable lifestyle.
  • Convenient Location: Proximity to metro stations, hospitals, highways, and Istanbul Airport.
  • Welcoming Community: Başakşehir offers a diverse and welcoming atmosphere.
  • Easy Transportation: Efficient connectivity through highways, railway, and metro lines within Istanbul.

Dumankaya Miks

Dumankaya Miks Project, crafted by Dumankaya, stands out as a modern living haven in Atakent, Küçükçekmece. With two striking towers offering 657 residences, it provides a range of living options from efficient studios to spacious 2+1 units. The project boasts smart home features, high-end security, wellness facilities, and captivating outdoor spaces. Strategically located, Dumankaya Miks offers easy access to transportation, hospitals, and the airport, promising a luxurious lifestyle in Istanbul.

  • Varied Living Options: Studio flats, 1+1, and 2+1 units for diverse preferences.
  • Smart Home Features: Centralized control for lighting, heating, ventilation, and security.
  • High-End Security: Motion detectors, CCTV surveillance, and advanced access control for resident safety.
  • Prime Location: Overlooking the lake and theme park, with convenient access to transportation hubs.
  • Developer Legacy: Developed by Dumankaya, with over 50 years of experience, known for quality and innovation in urban projects.

Next Level Istanbul

Next Level Istanbul is a pioneering project in Istanbul, developed by Pacific GYO, offering a unique blend of urban living and sustainability. The development features a range of apartments from 1+1 to 3.5+1, showcasing high-quality design, smart home technology, and luxurious facilities. Situated along Büyükdere Street, it provides convenient access to key neighborhoods and transportation hubs. The project stands out with its green architecture, incorporating 5,000 m² of green spaces for a sustainable environment. Smart home technology, lifestyle amenities, and a prime location make Next Level Istanbul a distinctive choice for those seeking sustainable luxury living.

  • Green Architecture: 5,000 m² of green areas for a sustainable and balanced environment.
  • Smart Home Technology: High-tech infrastructure, electric vehicle charging stations, and security features.
  • Lifestyle and Recreation: Children’s playground, semi-outdoor pool, GYM, SPA, and dedicated reception for each block.
  • Prime Location: Strategically located along Büyükdere Street, connecting key neighborhoods and metro lines.
  • Seamless Transportation: Proximity to major metro lines and the metrobus route, ensuring efficient citywide connectivity.

Yeniköy Konakları Istanbul

Best Properties in Turkey

Yeniköy Konakları Istanbul, a project by Yeni Yapı İnşaat Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş., offers a unique blend of tradition and modern living in the Eyüpsultan district. Comprising 10 blocks with 374 residences and 11 commercial units, the project provides diverse apartment options from 2+1 to 4+1. Residents enjoy luxurious facilities, including an indoor pool, fitness center, sauna, and children’s playgrounds. Strategically located in Eyüpsultan, the project grants easy access to cultural landmarks, parks, and vibrant neighborhoods. With proximity to Alibeyköy Metro and efficient transportation options like buses and the Metrobus system, residents experience convenient travel throughout Istanbul. Yeniköy Konakları embodies quality and customer satisfaction, reflecting the excellence of Yeni Yapı İnşaat Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.

  • Diverse Residences: Apartments ranging from 2+1 to 4+1 catering to various lifestyle preferences.
  • Luxurious Facilities: Indoor pool, fitness center, sauna, and more for a refined living experience.
  • Cultural Proximity: Access to landmarks like Eyüp Sultan Mosque, Süleymaniye Mosque, and Miniaturk Museum.
  • Convenient Transportation: Proximity to Alibeyköy Metro and well-connected transportation options.
  • Yeni Yapı Legacy: Developed by Yeni Yapı İnşaat Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş., a company with a 53-year history, known for its commitment to quality and modern living spaces.
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