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Istanbul’s Top 11 Malls: A Fusion of Luxury and Real Estate

Istanbul’s Top 11 Malls: A Fusion of Luxury and Real Estate

As a foreigner in Istanbul, the unfamiliarity with popular places like nearby malls might be overwhelming for you. However, Istanbul has numerous malls with mesmerizing views, food from different cuisines, and a memorable experience overall. Here is a list of some of the most well-known shopping malls.


Kanyon is a mall in Şişli right beside the Levent metro station. Moreover, the mall has a distinctive outdoor concept for this reason it won an award for its architecture in 2006. It consists of many gourmet restaurants and many different cuisines. It has 9 cinema screens, 160 stores even stores for games, instruments, and cafes. Almost every part of the mall can see the lengthy fountain.

The Kanyon residence is directly attached to the mall and is located in Levent which is a famous social and economic district making it a hot zone for real estate projects in Istanbul. Each property in Kanyon Residences includes access to a parking garage, security, a swimming pool, a Turkish bath, a sauna, a massage room, and a variety of other amenities. Moreover, buying real estate in Levent is a great choice due to its straightforward route to the mall, Taksim, Beşiktaş the other downtown areas. 

Total size 37,500 m2


Aqua Florya

Aqua Florya is located in Bakirköy. Istanbul Akvaryum, located in the Aqua Florya mall, holds the biggest thematic aquarium in the world. Consisting of 18 different themes and 1,500 species, it is an experience of a lifetime. Making this mall unique from all the other malls in Istanbul. In addition, there are 160 stores, 11 movie theaters, and a clear view of the sea of Marmara to admire with your meal. 

Naturally, this would make Bakirköy one of the most important locations for the Real Estate Market and Investing in Turkey. in Istanbul as it is near the sea and has very luxury real estate concepts. Residents can begin their day by getting a glimpse of the Marama Sea and feeling the fresh breeze. Making this a great location for buying real estate property.  

Total area 105,000 m2.


Vadistanbul is located in Sariyer next to Skyland, a high-end real estate project, while having a forest with plenty of trees in the vicinity. If you are in search of luxury property for sale in Istanbul, you must check Skyland. Skyland Istanbul offers a magnificent perspective of Istanbul in addition to social amenities such as a concierge, a fitness and wellness center, and a swimming pool making it one of the best luxury real estate in Turkey.

The mall has vast infrastructure and offers a great variety of clothing and food. Clothing ranges from casual to formal to even sports. Due to the mall hosting many options to choose from such as Pierre Cardin, Rossman, Adidas, Nike, Decathlon, etc. It has many fountains and a sidewalk area containing over 270 stores and restaurants. It also includes an arcade and a cinema. The mall has an elegant complement to the luxury real estate projects around it.

Total area 103,000 m2

Istanbul malls 


If you are looking for luxury malls next to high-end projects in Istanbul, this mall is for you. Zorlu, a mall near the heart of Istanbul, is located in Besiktas next to the Gayrettepe metro station. It has a unique design of a park located in the middle of the mall with stores surrounding it. Furthermore, Apple opened its first store in the country at Zorlu. Additionally, the biggest performance art theater in Istanbul. 

To add, there is a large high-end project Zorlu residence and a 5-star hotel Raffle both attached to the mall. Residents at the homes and in hotel rooms can relish the stunning view. The sight of Bosphorus, Marmara, and the heart of the city adds to their luxurious lifestyle. Thus, it is one of the most successful and best luxury real estates in Istanbul. Foreigners looking to buy real estate property in Turkey often pick this location and as a result, it is a great option for real estate in Beşiktaş.

Lastly, it contains up to 180 different stores and many luxurious options. Such as Vakko, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, Mont Blanc, etc. Zorlu offers great options for food from various price ranges as well as a cinema. 

Total green area 120,000 m2

Istanbul mallsMall of Istanbul

Mall of Istanbul is one of the top shopping centers in Istanbul located in Başakşehir next to Masko metro. In addition, Mall of Istanbul provides a memorable experience with its great selection of restaurants. To add, you can enjoy their outdoor balcony dining which gives a great view of Başakşehir while eating. Also, It has up to 350 commercial stores as well as 16 theaters with over 3000 seats to aid your experience. 

Mall Of Istanbul is considered a Commercial and Living place. It’s a huge project in the middle of Istanbul, and living inside it is full of features. With its exquisite construction and faultless details that make living into art, Mall of Istanbul High Residence promises a privileged life. Residents can feel the Mall of Istanbul’s shopping centers, culture, art, and entertainment world right next to them. This is projected as a single 25-story tower deeming it a large project and top real estate in Basaksehir. Since Başakşehir is a commercial area, many foreigners look for properties for sale in Basakeshir

Total area 150,000 m2

Istanbul mallsEmaar Square

Emaar Square shopping mall is located in Üskudar and joint with its huge luxurious projects. Additionally, It has 490 brands as well as an underwater zoo, arcade, and a virtual reality room making it one of the best malls for children. Moreover, Emaar Square also features a cinema. The mall was constructed by the famous EMAAR brand, who are known for building projects and owning property, which gives it its elegant design resulting in it being one of the most fascinating malls in the Asian side which is another reason why this mall is very well known. 

If you are in search of luxury projects in Uskudar, Emaar has many high-end properties for sale for investment in Turkey.

Emaar Square combines luxury living and style including facilities such as pools with high views, The 4 low-rise buildings that make up the Residences range from 5 to 14 stories and feature accents that reflect the lifestyle of its residents. Crafted for families with children seeking a spacious living environment in Istanbul.

Istanbul mallsAkasya

Akasya is located in Üskudar and is beside the Acibadem metro station. The Akasya residence is right above the mall and is directly connected.  Thus, giving residents a luxurious lifestyle with pools as well as an easy passage to the mall. An apartment with a spectacular view of the horizon of Istanbul, the Bosphorus Sea, and the Sea of Marmara is included.

Hosting foods from various price ranges, 280 brands including ones from around the world. In addition, a very wide selection of cuisines. Besides food and clothes, you can find other products such as musical instruments, books, and decorations. Furthermore, Uskudar is an area with an handful of real estate projects due to its location to capture the Bosphorus Sea and the bridge there are many properties for sale in Uskudar such as Ala Camila and Almondhill

Total floor area 80,000 m2

Istanbul malls 

Cevahir Mall

Istanbul Cevahir shopping mall is located in Şişli near the Şişli metro station. As a result, the mall is near the center of the city allowing it to be accessed through many public transportation routes making it an excellent place to buy and invest in properties.

It is one of the biggest malls in Istanbul with 5 floors and runs around 343 shops under a fully glass top giving plenty of shopping options from fashion to sports. The mall has many famous restaurants to choose from along with 12 cinemas.

Many foreigners are looking for properties for sale near Cevahir Mall as it’s considered an active area in Istanbul giving numerous public transportation options enabling residents plenty of commuting options. There are numerous apartments and projects for sale in Şişli such as Aston Levent and Taksim Palas.

Istanbul mallsVenezia Mega Outlet

Venezia Mega outlet is located in Gaziosmanpaşa near the Karadeniz Mahallesi metro station. They built Venezia with a Venice theme in mind. The mall allows you to go through its 200 stores in an open area while walking across its Venetian landscape. If needed, you may even ride a boat around the lake that runs through the mall. 

Moreover, the structure of the Venezia Mega residence around it is designed to complete the overall theme of the mall along with being right next to the TEM highway allowing easy transportation around the city and making it an excellent choice for living. Many commercial stores for sale can be found too.

Istanbul malls

Istinye Park

Istinye Park is located at Sariyer . Additionally, it is known for being one of the biggest and most luxurious projects in Istanbul. The mall has around 300 stores with plenty of options to shop and dine indoors or outdoors. To support your luxurious experience in Istanbul, the mall offers many famous options such as Gucci, Dior, Chanel, Vakko, Armani, Bottega Veneta, etc. 

Directly beside the mall is Istinye Park residence. With its architectural idea, expansive green spaces, walking routes, rivers, pools, ornamental pools, social facilities, children’s playgrounds, and recreational places, the Istinye Park Residence Complex provides its residents with a modern living environment.

Total area 85,250 m2 


Watergarden is located in Ataşehir. Are you looking for a mall with dancing fountains in Istanbul? Watergarden offers just that with a large pool and park around it. The mall has a wide selection of medium to high-end restaurants around. This offers you and your family to water and admire this fascinating view whilst enjoying your meal. Watergarden also contains a cinema and holds up to 250 stores providing great options for clothes, decorations, and sports equipment. 

The mall is right beside the large and lofty Varyap Meridian projects. The first environmentally conscious building in Turkey, Varyap Meridian, won the 2010 “World’s Best Architectural Project” award making it a visually beautiful project in Istanbul. However, there are cheaper properties for sale too here to easily access this mall. Otto Atasehir and Atasehir Modern to name a few.

Total closed area 150,000 m2

Istanbul Malls

These are some of the most popular shopping malls in Istanbul and these attract frequent customers daily and are well-known throughout the population. Hopefully, this list has assisted you in gaining a better understanding of the malls in the city for your visit or stay.

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