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 Turkey’s Top 7 Popular Shoe Brands

 Turkey’s Top 7 Popular Shoe Brands


Turkish fashion is popular around the world, where tradition meets modern style. Turkey, a country with rich history and innovation, is home to a diverse fashion brands. Among its many companies of craftsmanship, Turkish shoe brands shine with exceptional quality, unique designs, and a perfect combination of luxury and comfort. Moreover, this article explores the top seven popular Turkish shoe brands, from Kemal Tanca’s reputable brand to Desa’s global stores, each contributing to Turkey’s growing and creative fashion landscape.

Kemal Tanca:

Kemal Tanca was established in 1950 within the industrial zone of Istanbul. The company has grown from a family-owned business maufacturing handmade shoes. Into to a leading company in the modern shoe market. Moreover, the brand’s journey began with the inauguration of its first store in the Beyazıt district. District is known as a hub of shopping activity at the time. Over the years, Kemal Tanca has changed into a growing company, offering special design products through original stores.

Since 2000, the brand has expanded its presence. The brand has 160 stores across Turkey. With the digital age, Kemal Tanca started E-Commerce in 2012, launching its official website for a wider audience and providing a seamless online shopping experience.


Since 1971, Beymen has been a leading trendsetter in Turkish fashion industry. Moreover it houses over 1000 designer brands. Also it includes its own labels like Beymen Collection and Academia. Along with fashion, Beymen offers products from beauty and jewelry to furniture and accessories. Also, Beymen is the Turkey’s top luxury fashion destination. The brand hosts prestigious global fashion houses and regularly introduces new arrivals.

Beymen has a monthly audience of over 15 million. The brand provides a seamless shopping experience through its website, app, and Instagram. Known for innovation, Beymen offers VIP shopping through Beymen Privé. The brand started its journey as a ready-made clothing brand. Over the years, it has evolved into Turkey’s largest fashion store. Beymen Zorlu Center is a popular shopping place, showcasing its commitment to excellence in the fashion and lifestyle arena.


Vakko a popular Turkish luxury fashion brand, was established in 1971. The brand is known for its textiles, leather goods, accessories, and stylish shoes. With various stores present in Turkey department stores and boutiques, it offers diverse fashion choices. The brand’s first store was established at İstiklal Avenue in Beyoğlu.

In 1982, Vakkorama started as a youth store and grew to become Turkey’s top concept store, bringing global brands together. Vakko collaborated with famous designers like Zac Posen including international companies. Vakko, recognized for its popular shoe collections, continues to shape Turkey’s fashion scene with innovative spaces like the Vakko Fashion Center.


Yargıcı, is a favorite brand among youth, bringing a lifestyle full of inspiring details. Moreover, the brand was established in 1978. Also, with the first men’s shirt store in Osmanbey, the brand has become known for its simple and comfortable style. Along with clothing it offers accessories, cosmetics, and home decor. Yargıcı provides its customers with its evolving collections and designs.

With a loyal customer base valuing comfort and elegance, Yargıcı has grown into a lifestyle brand. In 2015, Yargici introduced Homeworks stores, offering a variety of decorations, home accessories, and furniture all in one place. The collections in these stores are manufactured with customers lifestyle in mind. These collections and products features home accessories and furniture designed by artists from different countries.


Derimod is a popular brand established in 1974 in Zeytinburnu, Turkey. Ümit Zaim and Zerrin Zaim, founded with just four sewing machines and ten employees. Moreover, in 1982 the brand opened a store in Los Angeles/Beverly Hills, USA. iT became the first Turkish leather brand to conduct fashion shoots abroad, featuring renowned models like Linda Evangelista and Milla Jovovich.

Initially specializing in leather clothing, Derimod expanded its collection in 1998 to include shoes and bags. It reached a remarkable shoe capacity of 2 million pieces annually by 2013. Presently, it has 110 stores across Turkey, three in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, and an online shopping platform. Derimod remains a significant brand in the leather goods industry, offering a range of products, including clothing, accessories, and footwear.


Desa is a leading leather and leather goods manufacturer in Turkey. The brand has manufacturing operation that includes a tannery, design, and production of bags, accessories, and clothing. The company’s NINETEENSEVENTYTWO brand is well-known globally, with 115 stores and approximately 120 sales points. Moreover, Desa accounts for 70% of Turkey’s leather product exports to Italy.

Desa, has its factory place over 20,000 m² tannery in Çorlu and production facilities covering 27,000 m² in Istanbul and Düzce. Also, it works with luxury brands like Prada and Miu Miu. Their dedication to innovation is showcased in their new facility in Poppi, Arezzo, Italy, where production and research activities began in May 2023. With a market value of 4.2 billion Turkish Lira as of July 28, 2023, Desa demonstrates a strong presence and financial stability.


Salih Hotiç founded the company Hotiç in 1938. The brand has included in its product range with renowned shoes and accessories. Moreover, the company has grown for over 80 years. Also, the brand is known for manufacturing unique shoe brands and elegant designs suitable for modern lifestyles. Along with using real leather and natural materials to ensure comfort and quality.

With a wide designer staff, Hotiç combines quality handcraftsmanship and technology to create their classical Hotiç Line products. As one of Turkey’s strongest brands in its sector, Hotiç currently operates 98 sales points in major shopping malls and prestigious street stores both in Turkey and abroad.

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