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5 Reasons Why Iraqis Buy Property For Sale In Turkey

Statistics of properties sold to foreigners in Turkey in recent years show that Iraqi nationals are at the top of foreign buyers of property for sale in Turkey. Turkey especially Istanbul is one of the most attractive real estate markets in the world. It is also one of the best places for living as well thanks to its location and characteristics. Turkey’s real estate market is not only attractive to wealthy people, rich investors, and real estate buyers, many foreigners from countries with internal major issues and weak passports such as Iraq. Here are the main reasons Iraqi people buy properties in Istanbul and Turkey.

Good country for living

Turkey with its strategic location, affordable cost of living, security, tranquility, and decent quality of life is a very good country for living especially for families who want a place that fits their needs in terms of social life, education, and work. One of the main advantages of Turkey is being a Muslim country and having a big Arab community. Buying apartments in integrated complex or serviced condominiums is also a good choice for Iraqi families as there are security and all facilities such as swimming pools, gyms, children’s playgrounds, parks, sauna, and so on.

Obtaining Turkish citizenship and a Turkish passport

Foreigners can obtain citizenship in 3-6 months by buying real estate in Istanbul and Turkey. By purchasing properties that are worth at least $400,000 providing that they don’t resell them for 3 years. Even foreigners can apply for Turkish citizenship if they stayed at least 5 years under the property residence card. Foreigners can get a residence card by buying any property in Turkey. The Turkish government has provided much facilitation regarding the process of title deed, as a house buyer can get the title deeds in 2 days with only a passport copy, photos, and Tax number. Obtaining a Turkish passport is a very good advantage as it provides more benefits and easier travel. you can know more information from this link.

Affordable real estate prices and cost of living

One big factor that attracts not only Iraqi homebuyers but also foreign property buyers, is the affordable prices of residential and commercial property for sale in Istanbul Turkey. In addition to the cost of living especially in the current inflation as the Turkish Lira is weak. The affordable cost of living is not limited to groceries, it also includes the cost of health care and education.

Variety of residential and commercial properties for sale

Turkey and especially Istanbul have a wide range of commercial real estate sales and residential real estate for sale. A person can buy an apartment or a house for 20,000 USD. If you are interested in buying a house, you can find many options. Also, if you would like to buy an apartment in Istanbul in serviced condominium (complex), many projects fulfill your need.

Doing business

Turkey is not only a good choice for property investment, but it is also a good market for other business activities. Since Turkey is one of the most exporters countries in the world, many Iraqi people started exporting to other countries. The facilitation that the government provides for establishing a company encourages businessmen to making business in Turkey.

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