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6 reasons why Iranians became top foreign property buyers in Turkey in 2021

Iranians have become the top foreign property buyers that buy real estate in Turkey in the first 4 months of 2021, according to data provided by the Turkish official statistics. The Turkish government has done amendments to the law of purchasing residential and commercial property in Turkey especially with the advantage of obtaining Turkish citizenship and passport buy buying residential or commercial property for sale in Turkey that is worth at least $250,000.

As Iran has been under tremendous economical and political pressures mainly from the USA, the Iranian passport has become one of the weakest in the world. Iranians, unfortunately, find it challenging to be able to travel especially with the major depreciation of Iranian currency and continued inflation. Therefore, obtaining another passport became a common aspiration for many Iranians. Turkey is considered one of the most suitable countries for living and investment for Iranians. Here are the main reasons why Iranians became top foreign buyers of Turkish property in 2021.

Turkey is a neighboring country of Iran

Easier travel, cheap flights, more chances to meet family members, and similarities in culture and weather with Iran, all are advantages of Turkey thanks to its location. This is one of the main reasons Iranians choose Turkey for property investment. And obtaining a passport by real estate investment.

High return on Investment and rent guarantee

As the real estate market in Istanbul and Turkey, in general, is one o the most attractive real estate markets in the world and has many advantages, many Iranian home buyers feel comfortable investing in Istanbul property or Turkey real estate by buying a residential property or commercial real estate for sale in Istanbul and Turkey.

Facilitation of obtaining Turkish citizenship and registering a company

The Turkish government has done amendments of laws and executive regulations of buying property for sale in Turkey by foreigners and obtaining Turkish citizenship in addition to registering a company as a foreigner in Turkey. In addition, Turkey does not recognize U.S. sanctions on Iran. All of that makes it an attractive destination for Iranian investors, businessmen, and property buyers.

Easier money transfer

International money transfer is a difficult thing for Iranians due to the sanctions and the financial struggles of their Economy. There is almost no legal way to transfer big amount of money in foreign currencies from Iran to another country. Therefore, Iranians use dodgy money transfer which is a bit easier to do it in Turkey.

Quality life with affordable cost of living for foreign property buyers

Turkey is an awesome country for living a good and affordable life thanks to its rich culture, history, and development. For example, the family can enroll their children in a public or private school in Turkey.

Making business

Since Turkey is a big country with a high density of population and millions of tourists visit every year, there are many business opportunities, especially in the services sector. In addition, Turkey is one of the most exporter countries in the world and manufactures various products. For example turkey manufactures textile, cosmetic products, and construction materials. Many businessmen and traders find it a suitable place for making business.

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