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Best 7 Iconic Breakfast Places in Istanbul

Best 7 Iconic Breakfast Places in Istanbul

Istanbul restaurant offers top-quality breakfast places with variety of dishes. Moreover, you can indulge in the diverse flavors of dishes in Istanbul through its iconic breakfast spots. From Ceşme Bazlama Kahvaltı’s renowned village-style breakfast to Sureya Kahvaltı. The authentic Antakya experience at Hadika Kahvaltı Evi, each spot offers a unique taste of Turkish delights. Whether you’re a local or a traveler, these breakfast spots offer a delightful start to your day in Istanbul. In this article explore the city’s best breakfast places in Istanbul.

Ceşme Bazlama Kahvalti:

Breakfast PlacesCeşme Bazlama Kahvaltı, stands as one of the most popular Turkish breakfast places in Istanbul. Moreover, it has three outlets in the Nişantaşı area. The place is frequently visited by locals and tourists alike. It has earned a reputation for offering an exceptional village-style breakfast, making it a must-visit spot for friends and family. The hotel emphasis on regional flavors and dishes from across Turkey, creates a unique and satisfying dining experience.

  • Abundance of Flavors: Ceşme Bazlama Kahvaltı takes pride in showcasing regional diversity, offering a vast array of Turkish breakfast foods on every table. From roasted cottage cheese with spices from Aydın to menemen made with tomatoes from Ceşme, the restaurant presents a culinary journey through Turkey’s rich gastronomic heritage. The variety includes tea from Rize, butter from Trabzon, olives from Hatay and Aydın, black mulberry jam from Izmir, and much more.
  • Endless Choices: The restaurant’s ‘doymadan kalmak yasak’ (forbidden to get up before fully satisfied) philosophy is reflected in the continuous stream of dishes, including a selection of bread like bazlama and pişi, freshly made gözleme, a platter of seasonal fruits and vegetables, yaprak sarma, bal kaymak, tahini with grape molasses, various cheeses, fried potatoes with caramelized onions, slices of spicy sausage, and an extensive selection of homemade jams (36 varieties and counting). With high-quality ingredients and top-notch flavors, Ceşme Bazlama Kahvaltı offers a gastronomic journey encompassing the diverse tastes of Turkey in one memorable meal.

Doğaciyiz Gourmet: 

Breakfast PlacesLocated in the streets of Cihangir, Doğacıyız Gourmet stands out for its commitment to an authentic Antakya breakfast. This comfortable spot offers everything directly from Antakya, ensuring a genuine culinary experience. This breakfast place offers a delightful spread, featuring Antakya’s essentials like olive oil and zahter, along with a variety of jams, yoghurt, thyme, and pepper bread. The cheese plate, olives, and a unique peanut butter from Africa add a global touch. Moreover, its dishes are priced at affortable rate, inclusive of unlimited tea, Doğacıyız Gourmet is a must-visit for an affordable and authentic Antakya breakfast.

  • Global Flavors: The uniquely delicious peanut butter, sourced from Africa, adds an international touch to the breakfast. While the eggs from Çanakkale and honey from Erzincan contribute to the diverse and flavorful spread.
  • Antakya Classics: The menu doesn’t shy away from Antakya’s signature flavors, offering olive oil and zahter to start, complemented by delectable jams, salty yoghurt, thyme-infused olive salad, and the ever-popular pepper bread. Each item is a nod to the region’s culinary excellence.

Van Kahvaltı Evi: 

Breakfast PlacesVan Kahvaltı Evi is located in Istanbul, brings the rich and diverse flavors of Van, Eastern Turkey, to the breakfast table. Moreover, this hotel is known for serving some of the best Turkish breakfast in the country. The breakfast features regional delights such as kavut, a delectable mix of melted butter, pounded flour, and sugar, and muturga, a rich combination of egg, butter, and flour.

  • Otlu Peynir Excellence: One standout item is the otlu peynir, a special Turkish breakfast cheese unique to Van. Combining matured cheese with herbs, it adds a distinctive and vibrant flavor to the breakfast ensemble.
  • Van Cacığı’s Twist: Van Kahvaltı Evi offers a twist on the traditional tzatziki with its Van cacığı. Enhanced with chopped long, green peppers, parsley, and onion, it stands out alongside a delightful dollop of creamy butter, providing a flavor-packed experience.

The breakfast menu is a combination of regional flavors, including murtuğa. A thick, crumbly dish made of eggs, butter, and flour, and a fried egg topped with kavurma, braised lamb or beef. While the restaurant also serves the usual breakfast items like green and black olives, jams, a salad and herb platter. Van Kahvaltı Evi shines in bringing the essence of Van’s breakfast culture to Istanbul, allowing patrons to savor the best of Eastern Turkish cuisine without leaving the city.

Yiğit Sofram Gözleme and Kahvaltı: 

Breakfast PlacesLocated on a quiet side street in Cihangir, Yiğit Sofram is a family-run hotel celebrated for its exceptional village-style breakfasts and standout gözleme. The menu offers a variety of gözleme fillings. From classic choices like yellow cheese and potato to unique options such as roast beef and cheese or tahini and walnuts, the gözleme selection at Yiğit Sofram is truly unparalleled.

  • Gözleme Extravaganza: Yiğit Sofram stands out with its diverse gözleme menu, offering a wide range of flavors from savory options like Turkish sausages and cheese to indulgent choices like chocolate-filled gözleme. There’s even a special gözleme unique to the restaurant, adding an exclusive touch to the culinary experience.
  • Egg Enthusiast’s Haven: For those who appreciate Turkish egg dishes, Yiğit Sofram is a haven with a dedicated section offering six different types of menemen, including variations with Turkish sausages, roast beef, cheese, or pastrami. The creative omelette options, featuring combinations of cheese, spinach, salami, sausages, or mushrooms, make it a perfect spot for Turkish egg breakfast enthusiasts.

Kat Kat Cafe: 

Kat Kat Cafe, originally situated in Balat, has gained fame for its commitment to delivering an authentic Turkish village breakfast. Using organic and high-quality ingredients, the cafe presents a breakfast platter showcasing unique dishes from Hatay, providing a delightful culinary journey.

  • Hatay Culinary Showcase: Kat Kat Cafe’s Turkish breakfast platter stands out with Hatay specialties. Featuring biberli ekmek, a flatbread with za’atar and spicy red pepper paste, herbed fried potatoes, green olives in a pepper and tomato sauce. Grilled red peppers in olive oil, cevizli biber (similar to acuka), and a green olive and wild thyme salad. The inclusion of sürk, a cottage cheese blend with spices. Red pepper paste, honey, and butter, adds a distinctive touch.
  • Diverse Offerings: Beyond the Hatay specialties, Kat Kat Cafe offers an array of delectable options. Including gözleme in potato and spinach varieties, homemade preserves, menemen (fried eggs), local and regional cheeses, labne (cream cheese). A generous fruit and salad plate, and the indulgent bal kaymak (honey mixed with clotted cream). The emphasis on quality ingredients, coupled with an unlimited supply of gözleme, bazlama bread, and tea. It solidifies Kat Kat Cafe as the go-to spot in Istanbul for an exceptionally authentic Hatay-style köy kahvaltı (village breakfast)

Naga Putrika:

Naga Putrika, is located in the Moda area of Kadıköy on the Asian side of Istanbul. It stands out as one of the city’s best breakfast places. Moreover, the hotel offers a lavish Turkish breakfast experience, providing a diverse menu with unique dishes.

  • Generous Breakfast Menus: Naga Putrika sets itself apart by offering seven distinct Turkish breakfast menus, each featuring a variety of dishes. The Hevsel menu boasts specialties like fried eggs with sautéed meat and potatoes. Visitors can explore different flavors through these tasty breakfast options.
  • Unique Culinary Offerings: Beyond the traditional Turkish breakfast items, Naga Putrika surprises visitors with unique dishes. Such as Bosnian-style borek, tahini milk jam, red peppers cooked in cream and ajvar, dried apricots, almonds, and walnuts. The inclusion of two types of honey (pine and flower honey) with clotted cream. Nar ekşisi (pomegranate molasses) mixed with olive oil, menemen, and fried eggs adds an extra layer of variety to the already abundant spread. The restaurant takes pride in presenting a comprehensive Turkish breakfast experience. Including a cheese plate with regional selections, olive salad, salted yogurt, and more.

Hadika Kahvaltı Evi: 

Hadika Kahvaltı Evi, is positioned in Ebe Street in Şişli. The hotel provides a unique Antakya-style breakfast experience in Istanbul. With a commitment to authenticity and quality. Hadika sources all its breakfast products directly from Antakya, ensuring a 100% organic and genuine culinary journey. It is one of the popular breakfast places in Istanbul.

  • Authentic Antakya Flavors: Hadika Kahvaltı Evi distinguishes itself with a menu featuring Antakya’s finest. Including Antakya cheese, pepper bread, and salty yogurt. The breakfast spread is a symphony of flavors with biberli ekmek, fried eggs. Homemade jams, salted yogurt with chili oil, and surk – Antakya spicy cottage cheese. The inclusion of muhammara, za’atar and olive oil, bal kaymak (Turkish honey cream). A vibrant salad and fruit platter adds to the authentic Antakya experience.
  • À La Carte Delights: Hadika offers the option to enhance your breakfast with á la carte items. Such as fried Antakya cheese, menemen. Various omelettes, gözleme filled with white or yellow cheese, fried sucuk (spicy sausage), and chips. The exceptional quality of the food, highlighted by delectable homemade jams like walnut. Orange, and carrot, makes Hadika Kahvaltı Evi a standout among local breakfast spots in Istanbul.
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