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Explore The Leading 8 Turkish Online Shopping Sites

Explore The Leading 8 Turkish Online Shopping Sites


Discover various brands providing online shopping in Turkey. Moreover, these brands with top-quality platforms provide service to the varied needs and preferences of consumers. The Turkish e-commerce landscape offers a unique variety of choices. In this article, we’ll explore the leading Turkish shopping sites, each contributing its distinctive value to the online retail scene. Read about brands such as Boyner’s retail spaces, Modanisa’s stylish global choices, and Teknosa’s commitment to making technology accessible.


Since 2010, Trendyol has been a top brand in Turkish e-commerce, earning the trust of 30 million customers and 250,000 sellers. With innovative services like Trendyol Tech, Trendyol Express, Trendyol Go, and Dolap, the platform delivers an extensive product range. Trendyol’s vision is to be the top global choice for customers, sellers, and employees. For customers in Turkey, Trendyol offers a seamless shopping experience through the Trendyol Marketplace, Dolap’s circular approach to second-hand goods, and the instant delivery service Trendyol Go.

Sellers benefit from the digitalization support provided by Trendyol Marketplace. Moreover, with over 250,000 entrepreneurs experiencing growth, and notably, more than 50,000 female entrepreneurs finding a platform for their e-commerce ventures. With core values centered on customer satisfaction, teamwork, sincerity. Continuous improvement, result-driven focus, and trust in data, Trendyol is a community committed to sustainable growth.


Hepsiburada, is a reputable brand in Turkish e-commerce. It offers a range of over 200 million products across 30 categories, showcasing its commitment to diverse customer needs. With digital transformation, the company prioritizes customer experience through its marketplace model, serving thousands of businesses. With monthly deliveries reaching around ten million orders, the company provides innovative services like HepsiJet and Hepsipay. As both an e-commerce and technology company.

Hepsiburada actively supports social development initiatives, including programs fostering women’s economic participation. Celebrating over 20 years in the industry, Hepsiburada operates from its offices in Istanbul and a large center in Kocaeli. Working with over 5000 suppliers, it has been a popular brand in Turkey from 2011 to 2013 and earned the title of e-commerce site of the year in 2013. In a notable achievement, Hepsiburada became the first Turkish company to be listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange in the USA on July 1, 2021.


n11 is Turkey’s leading open marketplace shopping platform. The company has influenced the market with 330 thousand registered business partners and serving 25 million customers. Operating under the management of Getir, a popular grocery delivery service, n11 offers a diverse range of products. Offering customers with various products across categories like mother-child, home life, table-kitchen, and technology.

The platform is committed to providing a flexible and fast shopping experience. The website provides personalized features that allow users to easily discover products tailored to their preferences. With a focus on collaboration with marketplace sellers and brands, n11 along with technological shopping experience contributes to the development of e-commerce in Turkey.


Morhipo is an e-commerce brand backed by Boyner Holding. It stands out as a versatile online marketplace offering clothing and a range of household goods and cosmetics. In addition to featuring established brands, Morhipo introduced its own labels like People by Factory, Agenda, and D by Divarese on its online platform. The platform had notable growth, with a remarkable 117 percent increase in 2014.

Moreover it earned the title of being the fastest-growing e-commerce site in Europe according to the Europe500 research by Internet Retailer. Morhipo’s mobile application also garnered recognition, securing the top spot in the fashion category in the “Remarkable Mobile Applications of the Year” survey.


Boyner is a leading brand in retail, has been opening its stores since 2017 for a comfortable shopping experience. The introduction of Boyner Cadde in 2021 is a concrete step in this direction. In June 2022, Boyner unveiled Boyner Now, a groundbreaking initiative allowing customers to order products without immediate payment and receive deliveries within 90 minutes or at a scheduled time. This unique concept combines online and offline retailing, enabling customers to try products before buying.

With a focus on customer happiness, Boyner operates over 110 stores. Moreover, it aims to provide joy and kindness through a diverse range of brands and 600+ options across 12 categories.


Modanisa began with a goal to offer stylish choices for women worldwide with a clothing style aligned with their beliefs. Since its launch on Mother’s Day in 2011, Modanisa has grown into Turkey’s first international online shopping site. Also it has a reach to  customers in 140 countries. With a diverse product range of 100,000 items from 1,000 brands, Modanisa provides products to a global audience, shipping orders daily to five continents.

Known for its dedication to “conservative” fashion styles. Modanisa has hosted Modest Fashion Weeks and earned title as the world’s most popular Islamic clothing site in 2016. Committed to growth and customer trust, Modanisa proudly represents Turkey’s strength in the ready-made clothing industry on the global level.


As the leading electronics retailer in Europe. MediaMarkt provides customers with a diverse range of products, including computers, mobile phones. Also, televisions, home theater systems, cameras, game consoles, and home appliances. Operating under the MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group, a part of CECONOMY, the company have over 1,000 stores and 50,000 employees across 13 countries, with more than 50 years of experience.

Since opening their first store in Turkey in 2007, they have expanded to host over 300 million visitors annually through our 94 stores. The stores area adds up to over 230,000 square meters and the company has online website Lastly, the company is committed to a quality pre-sales and after-sales service approach.


Established in 2000, Teknosa İç ve Dış Ticaret A.Ş. is a leading technology retailer under Sabancı Holding. With a mission of “Technology for Everyone,” Teknosa provides a diverse range of products in retail, e-commerce, and through a dealer network. Moreover, the company is known for its quality service, reliability, and innovative approach. Teknosa aims to contribute in future over the technology sector.

The company offers consumer electronics, IT products, telecom items, home appliances, and more. As a pioneer in the industry for 23 years, Teknosa continues to invest in its brand, employees, and innovative services. It is a go-to technology retail chain in Turkey with a wide store network, including web and mobile platforms.

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