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Explore Top 7 Popular Turkish Super Markets In 2024

Explore Top 7 Popular Turkish Super Markets In 2024

The Turkish retail sector has grown significantly across the years. Top turkish super markets meet the varied needs of consumers. These supermarkets not only serve as essential grocery hubs but also reflect the changing preferences and lifestyles of the Turkish population. This article mentions top Turkish supermarkets in 2024, from industry leaders like Bim and A101 to newcomers like FİLE and CarrefourSA. Read more about their unique features and commitment to quality and affordability.

In this overview, we explore seven biggest supermarket chains in Turkey’s retail market. each offering range of products to millions of shoppers daily.


Bim Birleşik Mağazalar A.Ş. was founded in 1995 and has since become a leading discount supermarket chain in Turkey. With its headquarters in Istanbul’s Sancaktepe district, the company holds one of the highest market share in the Turkish retail industry. BİM expanded its portfolio by acquiring the Aytaç brand in 2012, in collaboration with Yıldız Holding. In 2015, it introduced the FİLE brand, offering a broader range of products in a supermarket format.

BİM, began with 21 stores in 1995 and now operates over 700 stores, following the hard-discount model. The company started private label products, including Turkey’s first in 1997 – Dost Süt. BİM’s growth extended beyond national borders, with stores in Morocco and Egypt by the end of 2019. In 2012, it entered the GSM sector with BIMCell, a virtual operator under the Avea brand. The company’s commitment to quality and affordability has contributed to its continued success. Lastly, it maintained a leading position in the Turkish food retail market with 24% growth in total net sales in 2019.


A101 Yeni Mağazacılık A.Ş., commonly referred to as A101, is a discount supermarket chain headquartered in Istanbul’s Üsküdar district. Established on March 28, 2008, A101 has rapidly expanded, reaching all 81 provinces and 923 districts in Turkey with an extensive network of over 12,000 stores by the end of 2022. A key player in the Turkish retail market, A101 competes with similar chains like Şok and BİM, operating under the “hard discount” concept.

The Aydın Family (Turgut Aydın Holding) holds a majority share (79.21%) in the company. Managed by Cem Maltaş since January 1, 2021, A101 has embraced e-commerce alongside its traditional in-store operations. Offering a diverse range of products, from meat and dairy to cleaning supplies and cosmetics, A101 caters to the needs of consumers throughout Turkey.


ŞOK Marketler Ticaret A.Ş., a discount supermarket chain in Turkey, was founded by Migros in 1995 and later acquired by a consortium led by Gözde Girişim in August 2011. Headquartered in Istanbul’s Üsküdar district, Şok competes directly with Turkish discount retailers BİM and A101. The company, initially opening 13 stores in 1995, aimed to create a widespread network of small, cost-effective stores with efficient shelving systems.

Migros oversaw a steady expansion, reaching 1,254 stores by 2010. Following the 2011 acquisition, Şok Market underwent a comprehensive renewal of its concept and store design. In 2015, the company embarked on a growth initiative, achieving a significant milestone of 4,000 branches by December 2016. Furthermore, Şok ventured into the online market in 2021 with the establishment of Şok Net, solidifying its presence in the digital realm.


Established in 2015, FİLE is a Turkish retail company owned by Bim, known for its affordable pricing and spacious, clean stores with friendly staff. It is one of the popular store among Turkish super markets. Moreover the brand is focused on providing customers with healthy and fresh products at consistently low prices. FİLE offers a variety of items in sections like meat, delicatessen, fresh produce, baked goods, and personal care.

The company, with 135 locations across Turkey as of April 2021, distinguishes itself from Bim by operating hypermarkets instead of discount stores. FİLE’s first store opened in Istanbul’s Başakşehir in 2015, marking its entry into the supermarket category after Bim’s success in the discount store industry.

FİLE has introduced new private brands and expanded its product portfolio with national and international brands. The company adopts a daily low-price approach, avoiding special discount days or promotions. Additionally, FİLE has subsidiaries, including Harras, producing baked goods, and Actisoft, producing household cleaning products. In 2021, FİLE launched the “File Market” grocery delivery app to enhance its services.


Turkish super markets

Migros Ticaret A.Ş. is a major supermarket chain in Turkey. Moreover, the brand serves around 160 million customers through Migros supermarkets. Also, Macrocenter Stores, Ramstore shopping centers, online and mobile platforms, wholesale stores, and mobile units. The company has a total of 1,156 stores, including Migros, Tansaş, 5M, and Macro Centers in Turkey. Along with Ramstores in Kazakhstan and North Macedonia,

Migros categorizes its supermarkets by size classes, offering different product ranges from basic groceries to a wide variety of non-food items and household products. Additionally, Migros operates Migros jet, mini-markets in boroughs, featuring its own label on certain products.

  • Migros Turkey’s logo, inspired by the Swiss version, features a dotted “i” due to the Turkish alphabet. The supermarkets are categorized into M, MM, MMM, and 5M classes, offering different product selections. Migros also operates Migros jet, mini-markets, and sells products under its own label.


Turkish super marketsCarrefourSA is a supermarket chain based in Maltepe, Istanbul. Moreover, it was established in 1991 through a partnership between Sabancı Holding and Carrefour. The inaugural store, opening in İçerenköy in 1993, marked one of the first store among Turkish super markets.  Also, it was originally named Carrefour, it changed the title to CarrefourSA in 1996.

CarrefourSA, with its 596 markets across Turkey, provides a comfortable shopping experience with a diverse range of products. From hypermarkets and supermarkets to gourmet markets and mini markets. CarrefourSA offers a one-stop destination for various consumer needs. Lastly, the brand ensures accessibility to a wide array of products for shoppers.

Onur Market:  

Turkish super marketsOnur Market is a supermarket chain with a strong local presence. It is one the biggest brand in Turkish super markets. With 42 years of trading experience, Özen Group entered the supermarket industry in 1996, opening its first store, “Onur.” Now a growing supermarket chain, Onur Market serves over 70 million customers annually. Moreover it has 160 stores in Istanbul, Thrace, and Bursa. Key subsidiaries like Onursal Tarım and Özen Gross contribute to the sector, ensuring fresh produce and quality products.

Offering a variety of grocery products, fresh produce, and household items, Onur Market has earned the trust of Turkish consumers. With strategic locations across the country, it has become a reliable choice for many seeking a mix of quality and convenience.

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