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Istanbul Sea Taxi

Istanbul Sea Taxi

After the overwhelming success achieved by the sea ferries for transportation in Istanbul, the sea taxi service is now available. Istanbul sea taxi is for transporting between the European and Asian sides of the city for a more private experience.

The Difference Between the Ferry and Sea Taxi

The ferry plays a prime role in Istanbul, as it is responsible for covering a large part of the transportation between the European and Asian sides of the city; however, there is a prime difference between the ferry and the sea taxi. The ferry moves between two fixed points and is associated with a specific timetable depending on the schedules of the operating company. On the other hand, the sea taxi will be available around the clock, with the possibility of choosing the starting and ending point and stopping in many areas, whether to take passengers or drop them off.

The Advantages of the Sea Taxi

Many coastal inhabitants will use the sea taxi as a mode of transportation. It will also play a significant role in easing the everyday traffic bottlenecks that Istanbul endures, particularly during peak hours. The water taxi will also reach numerous previously inaccessible locations, and many inhabitants of the complexes on Marmara Beach will benefit from this.

The marine taxi can carry up to ten passengers and is famous for its speed and lightweight. The sea taxi resembles a small group vehicle. Furthermore, the municipality intends to hire 50 maritime taxis in the initial phase, with the number expanding based on demand.

Request a Marine Taxi

A smartphone application that supports Android and IOS systems will be available to request a sea taxi in Istanbul. There are 98 stations around Istanbul’s districts; the Istanbul Municipality is working to increase the number of launching stations so that the service covers the entire city. Important to mention that the fare for transportation is calculated as for regular taxis.