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Turkish Passport Rank 

Turkish Passport Rank: How strong is it and what are its advantages?

Turkish Passport Rank and its Strength

The strength of the passport depends on the number of countries that the passport holder can enter without having to obtain a visa. Moreover, Henley Passport Index reveals a list each year with the ranking of all countries. Additionally, the Turkish Passport Rank has been changed this year and went from the 57th on the list to the 54th. Further, holding the Turkish Passport will allow you to enter 110 countries without having to request an entrance visa. Click Here to know more about the countries which the Turkish Citizenship Holder can visit with a visa request.

Advantages of obtaining Turkish Citizenship for foreign investors

According to real estate experts in Turkey, the reason why investors seek to get a Turkish travel document and prefer to establish investment projects in Turkey is due to the availability of a set of benefits for the holder of a Turkish passport, the most important of which are:

  • Enjoy all the privileges that Turkish citizens have.
  • Having the freedom to own real estate without any constraints like the rules governing foreign ownership.
  • Real estate developments can get ready with ease, and investing is secure and safe.
  • Having the right to vote. Also, you’ll live a democratic life in Turkey.
  • Due to Turkish legislation, bearers of Turkish travel documents can preserve both their native citizenship and Turkish citizenship.
  • Benefit from health insurance services, hospital care, and inexpensive treatment.
  • In addition to the ability to profit from the services in the e-government portal on a broader scale, as well as the speed with which procedures relating to Turkish government institutions resolve.

We can offer many real estate options throughout Turkey to obtain Turkish citizenship; for more information about real estate projects in Istanbul, please click here. With Istanbul Real Estate, you will get your Turkish passport within just 90 days.