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Real Estate Investment in Istanbul

Real Estate Investment  in Istanbul

Istanbul is developing at a much quicker pace and gives a grand lifestyle of European standard at Asian cost. Real Estate in Istanbul – for the last decade, urban planning has been growing constantly with brand new projects by companies and infrastructure development from the government authorities, which attracts many national and international investors’ attention to Real Estate Investment in Istanbul.

Istanbul – Turkey’s economic, cultural and historic hub.

Istanbul has an extensive and developed public transportation network. Additionally, Turkey has good public transport, including long-distance buses, domestic flights, minibusses, and ferries. Most of these projects are accessible by the transportation system, through which you can explore Istanbul.

The municipality of Istanbul also works closely with real estate projects. To ensure the urban development plan of the city is maintained.

Owing to progress and advancement around the city, demand for apartments and flats has increased exponentially. Moreover, due to the increasing population in Istanbul, good rental return values are possile for completed projects.


According to a recent study 2020 on countries with the biggest house price increases 2020, turkey tops the list with a huge 30.3% increase in prices in a year. With the increasing population and demand for apartments for sale in Istanbul, investing in property will produce fruitful results.

Moreover, In Turkey, you can get a whopping 2,197 sq ft. for $1 million. Considering the European lifestyle at a low Asian cost, turkey is arguably one of the most preferred places to buy a Real estate.

Real Estate Agency – Your Guide for Real Estate Investment in Istanbul

Lastly, for investors and foreigners who are looking to settle in Istanbul a close evaluation of various criteria is needed, which can be fulfilled with a good agency.

Big Property Agency is a real estate marketing and Real Estate Investment in Istanbul consultancy company in Turkey, Which bridges Turkish developers and international investors around the world. We have been operating in the sales area for over 12 years in Turkey’s real estate sector. BPA offers its customers a wide range of properties and villas ranging in area and price.