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Turkey Real Estate 2023: Trends and Investment Outlook

Turkey Real Estate 2023: Trends and Investment Outlook


Turkey, with its rich cultural heritage, stunning landscapes, and thriving economy, has been a hotspot for real estate investors worldwide. As we step into 2023, it’s essential to understand the latest trends and investment opportunities in the Turkish real estate market. In this article, we will delve into the key trends shaping Turkey Real Estate 2023 landscape and provide insights into why it remains an attractive destination for property investors.

Turkish Airlines Reports Strong 20% Passenger Growth in 2023

Turkey Real Estate 2023

Turkish Airlines is soaring to new heights in 2023, with a remarkable 20% increase in passenger numbers during the first eight months of the year. The national flag carrier served an impressive 56 million passengers during this period, compared to 46.7 million in the same timeframe last year. Notably, international-to-international passengers saw a substantial 34% rise, reaching 19.7 million, showcasing the airline’s tremendous growth in this sector. With a Passenger Load Factor (PLF) of 82.9%, Turkish Airlines continues to efficiently manage its resources, providing travelers with an outstanding experience.

While the airline’s passenger business is thriving, there is some concern regarding a 6.9% reduction in cargo or mail traffic. Nevertheless, Turkish Airlines remains committed to meeting its customers’ cargo needs and recently approved the acquisition of ten additional Airbus A350-900 aircraft. This strategic move will further strengthen the airline’s position in the region and ensure an exceptional travel experience for its passengers as it continues to expand its impressive fleet of 428 aircraft.

Foreign Visitors Boost Istanbul’s Economy, Set New Records

Istanbul, Turkey’s largest city, recently witnessed a remarkable surge in foreign tourist arrivals during July, hitting a decade-high record of approximately 1.87 million visitors, signifying a 6% increase compared to the same period in the previous year. This surge in tourism can be largely attributed to the growing number of holidaymakers from Europe, particularly Germany and the United Kingdom, along with a notable influx of visitors from Russia. These positive trends have important implications for Turkey’s economy, as tourism plays a vital role in generating revenue and employment opportunities.

From January to July, Istanbul welcomed nearly 9.78 million foreign tourists, marking a substantial 15% increase from the same period in the previous year. This figure accounts for nearly one-third of the 26.77 million tourists who visited Turkey during this timeframe. The Turkish government’s commitment to boosting tourism as a means to reduce the current account deficit and tackle inflation is proving successful, with predictions of 60 million foreign arrivals in 2023 and 90 million by 2028. This growth is expected to lead to significant economic benefits, as tourism contributes approximately 10% to Turkey’s GDP and employs around 1.7 million people in accommodation and food services, accounting for about 5% of total employment in the country.

Investment in Istanbul

Istanbul remains a magnet for real estate investment. The city’s historical significance, cultural richness, and economic prominence make it a prime destination for property buyers. Additionally, Istanbul’s infrastructure development and connectivity further enhance its investment appeal. Moreover, istanbul real estate presents variety of residential projects ranging from apartments, hotels and villas.

We are your trusted partner for all your real estate needs in Istanbul. With over 10 years of experience in the local market, we bring you thousands of investment opportunities in various real estate projects across the city. Our dedicated and multilingual team is here to guide you in selecting the ideal property that aligns with your requirements and investment objectives. Whether you’re looking for a residential or commercial property, we have a diverse portfolio to cater to your preferences.

With four strategically located sales offices in Istanbul, we are accessible and well-equipped to provide you with exceptional service and support throughout the buying process. Additionally, our expertise extends beyond real estate transactions; we offer professional services, including assistance with Turkish citizenship applications. Count on us for a seamless, transparent, and successful real estate journey in Istanbul. Contact us through our website.

Urban Renewal and Regeneration Projects

One of the significant trends in Turkey’s real estate market in 2023 is the emphasis on urban renewal and regeneration projects. Cities like Istanbul are witnessing extensive redevelopment initiatives, transforming older neighborhoods into modern and attractive spaces. These projects not only enhance the living standards for residents but also present investment opportunities in newly revitalized areas.

Turkey Real Estate 2023

Turkey’s real estate market holds immense promise and potential for investors. With a thriving economy, a buoyant tourism sector, and strategic urban renewal projects, the country offers a diverse range of opportunities for those seeking to invest in its property market. Istanbul, in particular, stands out as a vibrant and historically rich city, making it a prime destination for real estate buyers. With our extensive experience and commitment to providing tailored solutions, we are here to assist you in navigating the dynamic Turkish real estate landscape and achieving your investment goals.

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