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Venezia Mega Outlet Shopping and Leisure in Istanbul

Venezia Mega Outlet Shopping and Leisure in Istanbul

Venezia Mega Outlet Mall for shopping is located in Istanbul. Moreover, it is a stunning combination of Italian-inspired architecture and affordable luxury shopping. The wide streets, grand arches, and a lively central piazza create a charming setting. The mall features high-end fashion brands like Armani and Gucci, alongside more budget-friendly options like H&M. Beyond fashion, it’s a one-stop-shop with stores for electronics, home appliances, and furniture.

Accessible by public transport or taxis, the mall offers not only a diverse shopping experience but also practical amenities. From a food court with various cuisines to a well-equipped supermarket, it caters to a range of needs. With its unique design and discounted luxury brands, Venezia Mega Outlet Mall is a go-to destination for those looking for a delightful shopping in Istanbul.

Venezia Mega OutletVenetian Dream Comes True

  • San Marco Square Recreation

Venezia Mega Outlet is more than just a shopping destination; it’s a place where the Venetian dream comes alive. Modeled after the iconic San Marco Square in Venice, visitors can virtually stroll through the famous square, surrounded by food courts reminiscent of The Piazza San Marco and adorned with scenic Venetian canals.

  • Luxury Brands at Venezia Outlet Mall
    • Armani
    • Burberry
    • Calvin Klein
    • Dolce & Gabbana
    • Ermenegildo Zegna
    • Gucci
    • Hugo Boss
    • Michael Kors
    • Polo Ralph Lauren
    • Prada
    • Salvatore Ferragamo
    • Versace

Venezia Mega OutletArchitectural Marvel

Beyond the shopping experience, Venezia Mega Outlet presents a special-design ceiling architecture with a sky theme. The indoor brands provides visitors with the pleasure of unique shopping in a setting that is unparalleled in Turkey. Operated by Gursoy Holding, the outlet was meticulously designed in the Venetian concept, standing out as a spectacular example of Italian architecture.

Convenient Location

Strategically positioned, Venezia Mega Outlet is easily accessible thanks to the Habibler-Topkapi tram line passing by the venue. Additionally, plans include a dedicated metro station connecting the outlet to Yesilkoy Atatürk Airport, enhancing the convenience for both locals and tourists alike.

Shopping mall in IstanbulDiverse Shopping Experience

  • Varied Shops Catering to Every Need

Venezia Mega Outlet caters to a wide range of shopping preferences with its diverse array of shops. From Footwear & Bags to White Goods & Electronics, from Kids Clothing & Shoes to Optics & Accessories, the outlet ensures that visitors can find everything they desire under one roof.

  • Carsi Pazar Bazaar: An Authentic Market Experience

The inclusion of a Carsi Pazar Bazaar introduces an authentic market experience, offering thousands of varieties of products, from souvenirs to delicious flavors, finely crafted ceramics to wedding essentials.

Venezia Mega OutletServices for a Seamless Experience

  • Visitor-Centric Amenities

The outlet provides an array of services to ensure a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience. From ATMs and Baby Care Rooms equipped with everything parents may need to Information desks and Lost Property services, Venezia Mega Outlet prioritizes visitor convenience.

  • Well-Being Commitment

A dedicated Prayer Room and Sick Room further demonstrate the outlet’s commitment to the well-being of its patrons.

Venezia Mega Outlet is more than a shopping destination; it’s an immersive experience that transports visitors to the enchanting streets of Venice. With its unique architecture, diverse shopping options, and thoughtful services, the outlet is a standout project in Istanbul. Whether you’re a fashion enthusiast, a family with kids, or a traveler seeking a taste of Italy in Turkey, Venezia Mega Outlet promises a memorable and enjoyable time for all.

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