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Why You Need Property Consultant When Buying Property In Turkey?

The importance of consultation:

There is a quote that says “no greater wealth than wisdom, no greater poverty than ignorance, and there is no greater support than consultation”. This quote summarizes the importance of consultation. The importance of consultation increases when taking an important decision such as buying a house or property. The property you purchase will be either your home or an investment asset. Therefore, it is important to get a property consultant in Turkey to make sure that you choose the right property and get a seamless experience. Then you be happy by living in it or by maximizing the return on investment. It is also very crucial to choose the right property agent who will help you and facilitate your steps.

Who is a real estate consultant/agent in Turkey and what help can they provide you?

A company or an individual, in touch with the Turkish property market and aware of aspects regarding the property sale process. From knowing everything about the districts and projects such as advantages and disadvantages to knowing the related laws in Turkey. It is actually not about just “knowing” but practical experience is very important as well! The property consultant\agent can represent you in transferring the title deed and help you in completing all procedures seamlessly.

There are a bunch of after-sale services that a property agent shall provide as well. For example, applying for utility services (water, electricity, and internet), buying good furniture and decoration that suits your house. In addition to following up all financial and legal status especially in the case of purchasing property by installment, such as making sure title deed transferred to you successfully.

Why you should get a property consultant in Istanbul Turkey?

The assistance that property agents do is not limited to finding good property for sale and what we mentioned above, in fact, there are few more things that they provide, For example, they explain to you the up-to-date situation about the different areas and projects, they explain to you advantages, disadvantages, and the situation of each area in term of economy, culture, and social life. this is very important especially if you are going to live in this area.

Is it cheaper to buy property from the construction company or seller directly (without property consultant\agent)?

Some people think that they can save money when buying real estate directly from the construction company without a property consultant. In fact, this is not true at all, at least in Turkey. Construction companies don’t cut down the price to buyers they are not accompanied by agents. In fact, there is the possibility that you get a bad experience when you buy property from a construction company directly. for example, you get overpriced property, fake promises and tricks made by some construction companies, or buying from companies that have issues regarding legal status for example…… all of that issues you can avoid if you are assisted by the right consultant who is an expert in real estate in Turkey.

Why you choose when buying property is Turkey? is a Turkish company with a multilingual team who can speak, English, Arabic, Persian and Turkish. In addition, we have about 10 years of experience in the Turkish real estate market, especially in Istanbul. We provide free consultation and free private tours to the projects’ sites. You can be sure that you will have a good experience with us. Feel free to contact us anytime.

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