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Arab Mosque: The Oldest Mosque In Istanbul

Arab Mosque

The first and the oldest mosque in Istanbul where the sound of Azan is has been heard for a long time.

The Arab mosque, with its different architecture Karaköy Galata, Tersane Street, Galata Court Street, is the largest mosque on the Galata side of the Golden Horn. 

By Prophet Muhammad; “Istanbul will be conquered. The commander who conquers it, the great commander, the army conquering it, what a great military, “he said, a lot of companions and Muslims have surrounded Istanbul to be able to have that honor.

The most powerful rumors about the Arab mosque are as follows: There are qualities that corrode the mosque from the church or from the church to the mosque, which actually confirms both. In particular, the architectural structure carries the appropriate traces to both places of worship. 

Where is the Arab mosque?

The mosque in the Galata district of Beyoglu, Istanbul, Turkey.  Mahkeme Sk. N0:16 Beyoglu, Istanbul, Turkey

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